Learn about shapes with a cow

My four-year old brought his first homework assignment this week – 12 pages of various exercises to learn about triangles and rectangles. He’s watched his older brother trying to postpone doing his homework dozens of times this year because he always found something better to do, so I thought it’d take us a few days to go through all the worksheets.

Well, I’ll be damned! As soon as he got home, the kid didn’t want to do anything else but his homework, page by page, and he didn’t stop until he was all done. The whole exercise took him about 45 minutes – not a bad attention span for a four-year old.

We both got a good laugh when we reached the rectangle exercises and saw this page. Mama, it’s your cow of the day in my homework!

Cute cow teaches shapes for homework

Cute cow teaches shapes for homework

4 responses to “Learn about shapes with a cow

  1. Hats off to your son! When I was four, nothing could occupy my attention for 45 mins. And he’s a great blog helper!

    • He has a much longer attention span than his older brother, so I can’t complain! My kids are great at spotting cows everywhere. They’re always shocked when they see cows where they least expect it, especially in children’s books that indicate nothing about a potential cow inside. That happens all the time – I could do a blog just on cows found in children’s books, we see several every day.

  2. That is so cute that they spot them! And they are lucky to have you, you seem like a great mom :)

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