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Today’s cow got… udder rings?

I can credit today’s cow sighting to my sister-in-law, who posted the cartoon below on my Facebook wall last week. All I could say when I saw it was… Well, not much, because my jaw dropped and my mouth couldn’t make out any words for a while. I think I eventually managed to let out a wow, and then a big hearty laugh.

What do you think of this new cow trend – the udder rings?

Cow cartoon - udder rings
Cow cartoon – udder rings

9 thoughts on “Today’s cow got… udder rings?

      1. I have traditional views where jewelry is concerned. Ear tags are acceptable, but udder rings are not ladylike.

  1. I think they’d get in the way of the milking machine :) (maybe that’s why she got them! She wants to run away to the circus instead…)

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