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The many cows of Idyllwild, California

I’m back from spending a week with my kids in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, California, a small town just two hours away from San Diego. I used to be able to enjoy the greenery mountains just 30 minutes away from San Diego too, until the wildfires in 2003 and then again in 2008 burned all of it down. And when I say all, I mean all. So today the trip is a little longer to find tall, green forests but it’s worth it.

On the way there and back, I saw quite a few cows, mostly the Angus beef kind, grazing in grass fields by the side of the road. Unfortunately I was driving and with no easy and safe place to pull over and take pictures, I have nothing to show you when it comes to real cows.

I did see lots of images of cows during our stay in the town of Idyllwild though. I think the first occurrence was at the grocery store, on the side of an ice-cream freezer. Who can resist a pint or a cone of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

Ben & Jerry's ice cream in Idyllwild, California
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Idyllwild, California

But by far, the one place in Idyllwild with the most cows was the toy store / old-fashioned soda pop shop . Yes, it sounds like quite a weird mix, but apparently it’s a very popular place on the weekends.

There was the Melissa & Doug Farm Friends floor puzzle:

Melissa & Doug farm friends floor puzzle
Melissa & Doug farm friends floor puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Farm Animals theme set:

Melissa & Doug paint with water - farm animals

And even an Animal Planet coloring & activity book:

Animal Planet coloring & activity book with a cow

I’m sure there were actually more cows than I could see but after all, I was there to pick up some fun, cheap toys with my kids. And no, we didn’t buy anything with cows.

Stay tuned for more cows from our vacation. Some of them happen to be quite ancient.

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