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Another bull on a car

I don’t know what it is with bull decals on cars, but they seem to be a popular item in San Diego. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen one of these (here’s my first bull decal sighting), and it probably won’t be the last time after the one I saw yesterday.

I found this cow/bull decal on the back of a car while walking in a parking lot at the San Diego Balboa Park. I almost missed it but happened to spot it when I saw something shining in the corner of my eye. Those things are very reflective and it’s hard to take a good picture of them. Now I know to watch out for more bull…

bull decal sticker on back of car

Bull decal sticker on back of car


Cow on a bike

I recently borrowed the hilarious children’s book Duck on a Bike by David Shannon from the library.

Duck on a bike by David Shannon

Duck on a bike by David Shannon

Would you expect to see a cow in this book? Well, there’s only one but it appears on several pages and makes quite a lot of funny faces worth sharing.

In this book, Duck tries a child’s bike and the farm animals all think it doesn’t look like a good way to have fun. Here’s Cow’s reaction as Duck rolls by her: “A duck on a bike? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Duck on a bike - duck rides by the farm's cow

Duck on a bike – duck rides by the farm’s cow

By the time Duck has paraded in front of all the animals, a group of kids on bikes arrives the farm. The kids leave their bikes by the barn and suddenly, the farm animals get an idea. Can you guess what it is?

David Shannon's duck on a bike - the farm animals stare at the bikes

David Shannon’s duck on a bike – the farm animals stare at the bikes

Have you ever seen a cow and a horse with bigger eyes?

Are you ready for the grand finale? Here’s how you can entertain farm animals with a bunch of bikes. I present you cow on a bike. And horse on a bike, goat on a bike, pig on a bike… I think they’re ready for the circus.

Duck on a bike book - cow on a bike, horse on a bike, pig on a bike

Duck on a bike book – cow on a bike, horse on a bike, pig on a bike

Have a paper plate? Make a cow!

I like going to Michael’s, the arts & craft store, and look for fun craft activities to do with my kids. The dilemma is actually choosing one single thing out of everything they have available. So the best way I’ve figured out how to do this, unless I have a specific theme in mind, is to browse the aisles one by one.

During my latest visit to Michael’s, I found this cute paper plate kit:

Michael's Creatology paper plate kit with cow and pig

Michael’s Creatology paper plate kit with cow and pig

I love the farm animal theme of this paper plate kit, which lets you make a pig, a cow and a horse. And if you look carefully at the box, this is meant to be a group activity since you can make a total of 12 plates. This would be a fun activity to do during a birthday party, don’t you think?

2012 is the Year of Dairy Cows at the Indiana State Fair

2012 Indiana State Fair - Year of Dairy Cows

2012 Indiana State Fair – Year of Dairy Cows

I found out earlier this week that the Indiana State Fair has declared 2012 the Year of Dairy Cows. The official spokesperson for this event is the cow Buttercup, featured in the picture above. Isn’t she cute? You’ve got to love the tennis shoes. And the pink hairbow. And the blue eyes.

On the page of the Indiana State Fair website dedicated to dairy cows, you can find a bunch of links that sound very interesting:

Winners drink milk:  find a good amount of information about health and wellness
Mooving along: meet Buttercup and learn more about dairy and dairy farmers
Udderly delicious: find some recipes made with dairy products (they look good!)
Cow-abunga!: for people going to the Indiana State Fair, this is a map indicating where the dairy events take care (they are lots of them for sure, and you can make your own butter or ice cream, how fun!)

I’m in San Diego so there’s no way I’ll make it to the Indiana State Fair, but it sure likes a lot of fun for the people living nearby. Do you attend fairs in your area?

Enter the Not in My Cuppa mug art competition

The Not In My Cuppa non-profit organization, which works very hard at helping to improve the living conditions of dairy cows in the UK, recently shared on the Every Day I See a Cow Facebook wall they’re organizing an art contest for the little (and not so little) ones.

Cow photo courtesy of Not In My Cuppa

Cow photo courtesy of Not In My Cuppa

Here are the complete details of the art contest. I believe you don’t have to be in the UK only to participate. Ready, set, draw!


Do you have young children? Keep them busy over the holidays and be in with a chance to win a coveted Not in My Cuppa mug in our moovellous art competition!

All your kids need to do is make a picture of a cow enjoying some grazing time out in a field, and send it to us*. We’ll then create a gallery with your submissions, and on the 3rd September we’ll pick our favourite entry to win their very own mug!

(Terms and Conditions: accepting entries from children aged 16 and below. Judges’ decision is final. Winner will be notified through a comment on their entry and a Facebook post announcing the winner. Competition ends 4pm, 03/09/12) (that’s September 3, 2012 for my American readers)

*Email your entry to