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The lonesome cow at Oktoberfest

I took my kids to a local Oktoberfest last weekend and even though they were great troopers and enjoyed walking around, I personally was a little disappointed. The event looked more like a street fair than Oktoberfest. Besides the typical beer garden, there was no entertainment of any kind. No music, no costumes, nothing. Next year, we’ll have to try another Oktoberfest event and forget about this one.

While we walked up and down the aisles, we saw many vendor booths selling everything and anything you can think. I didn’t specifically look for cows (you may think otherwise but I don’t search for cows throughout the day, they just come to me!) so I spotted the one below on the outside of a booth.

I present you with the cow purse! Yep, this one is specifically for kids but I know there are grown-up versions of the cow purse out there. Look how cute this one is, with its giant grin! I almost want one. I said, almost.

Cow purse at Oktoberfest
Cow purse at Oktoberfest

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