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Cows! That’s what friends are for

The risk benefit of having a blog sharing the cows I see on a daily basis is that people close and far know about the daily cow theory. Since I started this blog, I’ve had many people sharing the cows they have encountered with me. Usually it’s by email, or within a comment on a post. Sometimes my family sends me packages and there may be a cow of some kind inside.

Yesterday I got together with a group of friends and my friend Mia had a surprise for me! Check out the kitchen towel she gave me. Isn’t it cute? It makes a great addition in my kitchen where, believe it or not, there was no cow before. Well, except in my fridge. Thanks, Mia!

Cow kitchen towel
Cow kitchen towel

If you’re looking for cow kitchen towels, Amazon has a pretty good selection.

4 thoughts on “Cows! That’s what friends are for

    1. What talking cow? You can’t tell me about a talking cow and not give me any details! Do you know what brand or product/service it’s for? I probably can find it on YouTube but I need a little more information. You’re teasing me, aren’t you?

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