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Is Target trying to compete with Pillow Pets?

If you don’t know what Pillow Pets are, look on Amazon and you’ll find quite a lot of them there. You should also read my cow post on Pillow Pets.

I stopped by Target a few days ago with my kids, with the goal of buying a few grocery staples. Of course, we can’t go to Target just to buy food, so we had to make a pit stop by the toy department and see what was new. Apparently, a lot. At least that’s what my boys said.

But I myself found something new too. Target’s homemade version of Pillow Pets. Look how cute this cow is!

Target pillow cow
Target pillow cow

I have never seen such flat udders though. Poor cow…

Target has a number of other animal pillows, including a sheep, a bear, and of course a pig. A very pink pig.

Target pig pillow
Target pig pillow

This poor little guy fell off the hook. I guess he was waiting for someone like me to rescue him.

Do you have a Pillow Pets, by the way? They look pretty comfy.

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