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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Walmart!

I was looking for floor lamps at Walmart yesterday but after I didn’t find what I really wanted, I stopped by the holiday aisles to take a look at all the Christmas decorations and see if I could add to my collection.

Well, I ended up not buying anything there but I managed to add to my online cow collection with this very nice skiing cow Christmas decoration!

Skiing cow Christmas decoration at Walmart

Skiing cow Christmas decoration at Walmart

Here it is from the other side. For $29.98, it’s a great deal.

Christmas decoration - cow on skis

Christmas decoration – cow on skis

If you remember, one of my Christmas tree ornaments is a skating cow but I think this beats it for sure. You know Christmas is coming when the cows are taking out their winter gear!


Are you ready to play the game “caption this picture”?

I saw a very funny board game a couple of days ago at Target called Bubble Talk. You have to match a funny caption (supplied on a card) with a funny photo and the funniest caption wins. Look at the front of the box so you can have an idea of how this game works:

Bubble talk board game

Bubble talk board game

Oh, that is sooooo my kind of board game! Now, take a look at the photo used on the back of the box:

Funny cow photo on the back of the box of the Bubble Talk board game

Funny cow photo on the back of the box of the Bubble Talk board game

Uh-oh, I’m glad I’m not the one stuck up there! Are you ready to play the game and come up with a caption or bubble for this funny cow photo? I’ll start. You leave your caption/bubble in the Comments section below.

– “Great. How am I going to explain this to Farmer John?”

– “Hey, Daisy! Isn’t this how you do the monkey bars?”

– “Maggie said she got her udder job that way but I think she lied.”

Your turn!

A little cross-promotion with… no cows

Today I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to share some exciting news, at least on my end. I hope you’re having a great day, by the way!

A few weeks ago I officially launched my nature photography website and received plenty of positive responses and support that encouraged me to go on. Today, I’d like to share a few things with you on this blog:

Like Milka Pejovic Photography on Facebook1) I’ve launched my new Facebook business fan page for my photography and I’d love for you to “like” the page. I’ll post new photos, tell you about the new products I’ve created and provide coupon codes for my online store, so don’t miss out!

2) My 2013 12-month photo calendar is now available for sale on my Zazzle online store. Zazzle’s great coupon has been extended for one more day! Use 50VETDAYSALE at checkout and get my calendar for 50% off! You can also get 40% off my ornaments and 15% off on most other products, so visit my Zazzle store now.

If you’re looking to make a nice and unique gift to someone for the holidays, you’ll want to take a closer look. I also sell a number of other products, including posters, mousepads, phone and Kindle cases, and coasters, so go over to check it out. This is the link to my online store for anyone located in the USA and wanted to ship any of my products within the US. If you live outside of the US, you can still view and purchase from my store by clicking on your country flag below.

Take a look at the photos I selected for this calendar. By clicking on each photo, you can see a larger view of it and read its individual story.

January - winter sunrise
January: Winter sunrise
February - lemon blossoms
February: Lemon blossoms
March - California wildflowers
March: California wildflowers
April - Bottle brush tree flowers
April: Bottle brush tree flowers
May - Tiger swallowtail butterfly on bougainvillea
May: Tiger swallowtail butterfly on bougainvillea
June - a bee on a wild rose
June: A bee on a wild rose
July - protea pin cushion flower
July: Protea pin cushion flower
August: water lilies at Balboa Park
August: Water lilies at Balboa Park
September: sumac's fall foliage
September: Sumac tree’s fall foliage
October: full moon for Halloween
October: Full moon for Halloween
November: rainy lemon
November: Rainy lemon
December: pine cones up the tree
December: Pine cones up the tree

Thank you very much for your time and support. And I promise you, there are more cows coming up. A lot of them!

It’s another cow LED keyring!

I stopped by my local Michael’s art & craft store this weekend to look for a specific art supply (Liquid Rainbow window paint to do crafts like these). The Liquid Rainbow website told me Michael’s carried their line, but apparently not the window paint, so I left empty handed. But not before I saw a cow there. Actually, it was not one but several cows, and several pigs were keeping them company. Check out these cute pig and cow LED keyrings:

Cow LED keyring and pig LED keyring

Cow LED keyring and pig LED keyring

Here’s a close-up of the cow, and it really moos!

Cow LED keychain

Cow LED keychain

I wonder what would happen if you had one of these in your purse and you pressed the button by mistake by standing in the checkout line of a store… By the way, if you like this very cute LED cow keyring, you can buy it on Amazon.

This cow is doing something no cow has ever done before

I got to see my daily cow early today. Very early. As in, breakfast time early. It was quietly waiting for me on the kitchen table, where I was about to place my kids’ breakfast plates.

Are you ready to see it? Ta-da!

Safety Zone Big first grade workbook with a cow, and a pig, and a duck

Safety Zone Big first grade workbook with a cow, and a pig, and a duck

Look, it’s Safety Zone’s Big first grade workbook with a cow, and a pig, and a duck on the cover! Did you see what they’re in? A space shuttle! And the cow is driving it. I can truly say this cow is doing something no cow has ever done before. That’s how smart kids will be when they finish this workbook. I can’t wait.

Actually I really can’t say anything bad about this Big first grade workbook because I really like it and so does my kid. All of the Safety Zone workbook series are very well designed, with lots of colorful activities that are fun to complete and kids get to learn and practice a lot, without even realizing it.

I just can’t get that image of the cow driving a space shuttle out of my mind, though. Can you?