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The many cows of Christmas – Part 4

This is my last cow sighting report for 2012 and it’s very special. It’s the last of the cow gifts I received for Christmas and it’s very, very cute. The clue I gave you previously was, it’s something you wear but it’s not clothing. Did you guess? It’s a cow brooch!

Purple cow brooch

Purple cow brooch

There have been all sorts of cows on this blog but this is the very first cow brooch. Apparently, it’s not that unique because there are a lot of cow brooches out there. Who knew?

And look, it’s a purple cow, how special! Of course, it holds its special place among the other purple cows on this blog, including:

Seth Godin’s Purple Cow
The Milka cow (here too)
– A real purple cow

There you have it, a whole herd of purple cows. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome the new year.

Happy 2013, everyone!


WordPress weekly photo challenge: My 2012 in pictures of cows

I love the WordPress new photo gallery feature and this is a great way to display a lot of photos in one post. I also love the opportunity to review a year of cows by showcasing the best of the year. If you missed my Top 10 Best Cows of 2011, make sure you take a look.

This year, there was no runaway cow (at least that I know of) and no ugly cow sofa, but still plenty of memorable cows for 2012. They include my very own cow slippers, as well as a whole shelf of cow slippers I almost bought, skiing cows, cow artwork, the Skinny Cow, the American Flag cow, the cow from the Puss in Boots movie, the udder rings, the birthday balloon cow, the grossest birthday card cow, the cow flashlight, the bug-eyed cow, the hot air balloon cow and the lawn mowing / bulimic cow. Enjoy!

The many cows of Christmas – Part 3

I hinted yesterday that one of my cow gifts for Christmas goes well with the cow slippers. Can you guess what it would be? How about some cow pajamas?

Cow pajamas as a Christmas gift

Cow pajamas as a Christmas gift

These cow pajamas are made out of fleece material so they’re warm and cozy, perfect for our cold winter nights. Now, you can picture me wearing these cow pajamas with cow slippers, and of course the cow headband.

Now, can you guess what my last cow gift for Christmas was? It’s something you wear, but it’s not clothing, and this one features a cow in a very special color, previously mentioned on this blog. But I’ve said too much. It’s your turn to guess until the next post…

The many cows of Christmas – Part 2

Yesterday, I explained how this Christmas has been full of cows when it comes to gifts. Here’s part 2 of my cow gift showcasing series.

So what do you think would go well with a cow headband? How about some cow slippers?

Soft cow slippers

Soft cow slippers

These cow slippers are super comfortable because they don’t have a hard sole, just some non-slippery pattern. Really, they’re more like thick socks that keep my feet warm, which makes me happy because my tile floor is so chilly. And they feature cute and happy looking cows, so they’re a pleasure to wear. Surprisingly, my kids haven’t put them on their own feet yet, even though they’ve worn the cow headband several times already. Let’s hope things continue this way because I’m not sure I want to share these. If you’re looking for cow slippers, Amazon’s got a whole bunch of different styles available. So many choices!

Can you guess what other cow gifts I got? One of the gifts goes very well with these cow slippers.

The many cows of Christmas – Part 1

I hope you had a very merry Christmas yesterday (if that’s what you celebrate). We had a great time at our house and my kids received an avalanche of Lego toys and books that kept them entertained for the whole day.

As for me, I received several presents and I quickly noticed a pattern regarding several gifts. I saw cows. Lots of cows. In various shapes, sizes and colors. So I thought I’d share, because if you know someone who likes cows (or simply blogs about cows), these are some cool and fun presents.

I’ll start with the cow headband.

Elope cow headband

Elope cow headband

This cow headband was a gift from my sister. First the kids said it looked silly when I unwrapped it. Then they said I looked ridiculous when I put it on. However, the minute I put it down (after wearing it for a couple of hours), one of my kids snatched it and put it on his head. And so the headband went from one head to another for the whole day.

This cow headband goes very well with the other cow gifts, but you’ll have to wait for the next posts to find out what they are. Can you guess? I’ll give you a few clues: there are three more cow gifts waiting to be showcased, and like this gift, they all can be worn.