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IKEA has new cows!

It’s official. IKEA has cows. Lots of cows. On every floor and every department. OK, maybe not that many, but still, a good amount.

First, there was the IKEA cow hand puppet I discovered on Black Friday last year. IKEA still has these hand puppets, by the way.

Then there was the IKEA cow frame to decorate any wall in your house (you pick the room). IKEA still has that cow frame available for sale.

This past weekend, I found more cows at the IKEA San Diego store. I originally went with my kids to buy a pack of their cinammon rolls. IKEA has some of the best cinammon rolls, especially since they’re not swimming in grease and transfat. Skip the frosting on top, and you’ve got a yummy pastry.

But let’s admit it, you can’t go to IKEA just to buy cinammon rolls and not walk through the store at least once. So we did just that, but I decided to restrict our aisle browsing to the downstairs area.

Right past the kitchen, what did we see? Cows. Several cows, grazing. And lacking in color, in my opinion. If you’re looking for cow cushions, they’re at IKEA!

IKEA cow cushions
IKEA cow cushions

I can’t wait till our next visit and see where we find more IKEA cows…

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