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Are you ready to drink milk that’s over the moon?

In my previous post, I explained that I recently ran across several print ads featuring the marketing power of cows. The first cow was selling veggie burgers (it’s called a veggie cow, literally). Today’s cow is selling… what else but milk? But wait, not any milk. Over the Moon milk.

The cow in the over the moon milk ad
The cow in the over the moon milk ad

From what this ad tells me, Over the Moon milk is fat free and somehow amazingly rich. Have you ever tasted fat free milk? The last adjective I’d use to describe fat free milk is “rich”, so I’d think it needs quite a few additives to make it taste that way.

Over the Moon tell us this milk tastes so good, you’ll feel over the moon. Or maybe you’ll be able to jump over the moon after losing all that extra weight. I don’t know, what do you think? Either way, you’ve just got to BELIEVE. That’s what the tagline tells me. Hey, Over the Moon milk people, The Polar Express wants its tagline back.

8 thoughts on “Are you ready to drink milk that’s over the moon?

    1. I don’t get their point though, and how they’d want to make fat free milk attractive to people who don’t want the fat but don’t like the taste of watery milk. There sure is something for everyone!

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