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Guess what? The cows are back!

Yes, this isn’t a typo and you read that right. The cows are back!

After a very, very, very long hiatus, I have decided to give The Cow Daily a second life. Why, you may ask? Over the years, people have asked me what happened to the cows, and why I stopped sharing them.

Do you know how many cow loving people are out there? A lot more than I thought. And when they don’t see cows, they get sad. And I figure this world is sad enough that we could all use some cheerful news.

So there you go, the cows are back. They’ll be back starting next week, when I’ll start sharing my cool cow sightings from the past couple of months. I’m also planning to do a “Best Of”, featuring the most popular cows on this blog. And when I actually manage to get my stuff together, you’ll even be able to access an online store (The Barn Shop), where you can purchase some neat cow products.

And if you’re wondering if I still see cows daily, the answer is yes, and so do you.


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