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It’s an avalanche of cows!

Yep, I have witnessed an avalanche of cows. Well, technically, I’m not sure you can call it avalanche, but at least the cold temperatures are applicable.

One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is Souplantation. What’s not to like about a place with an all-you-can-eat giant salad bar, soup bar, pasta bar, fruit bar and muffin bar? And a few other yummy things.

Souplantation used to hide the kid’s milk in small fridges next to the registers at the end of the salad bar line when you walk in. They’ve apparently rearranged their line and now you can just help yourself to the kids’ drinks, including the milk. And look how many bottles of milk they have, featuring one cow on each bottle!

Avalanche of cows - milk bottles at Souplantation

Avalanche of cows – milk bottles at Souplantation

See the bottles of Heritage milk stacked up on top of each other, sitting on ice? Doesn’t this look like an avalanche waiting to happen? Don’t blink, you might miss it!

By the way, if you previously missed it, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Heritage milk cow. It’s pretty disturbing, as in “mutant” like.


Did you know Yahoo has its own purple cow?

Did you know Yahoo has its own purple cow? If you think I’m making this up, please read on. I have the photo to proove it.

The Yahoo purple cow

The Yahoo purple cow

I was catching up on my LinkedIn newsfeed this weekend when I saw one of my connections recommending an article regarding Yahoo. What intrigued me was not the title of the article but the photo what stood next to it. Wow, is this a purple cow? Yes, it is! But why is it connected with an article on Yahoo?

So I clicked on the link (you can read the full article on working at Yahoo here) and that’s when I saw the large image of Yahoo’s purple cow (see above). Apparently if you work or visit Yahoo, you’re able to pose right by it for a picture. Nice!

Why the purple cow? Obviously the Yahoo founders read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book and thought Yahoo should stand as the purple cow in the internet world.

I can only say one thing about this: Yamoo!

What happens when you cross a cow with a giraffe?

Have you ever wondered what would happen  if you crossed a cow with a giraffe? Yeah, me neither. Well, that’s until earlier this week, when I heard my kid say, “Mama, you’ve got to see this!”

He’s right, I had to see it and now you’re seeing it too. I present you the cow giraffe!

Cow giraffe

Cow giraffe

Isn’t it cute? It came from a bag full of self-adhesive foam animal shapes similar to this one. It’s the only animal in the bag that looks this close to a cow.

By the way, if you’re curious to know what happens when you cross other animals together, I have one more for you. What happens when you cross a leopard and a cow? A leopard cow, of course! Courtesy of the Cow Parade people.

Leopard cow from the Cow Parade

Leopard cow from the Cow Parade

The Horizon milk ad – a mystery to me…

This is the last in the series on the marketing power of cows in print ads, after the bulls of Big Rich Texas, the jumping cow of the Over the Moon milk, and the veggie cow for Lightlife’s veggie burgers (my favorite of all, I think).

Today’s cow is selling milk again. But not any milk. Horizon milk, which is organic (plain milk or chocolate milk flavor). It comes in a convenient package that doesn’t need refrigeration, so kids can pack it up in their lunch sacks when they go on a field trip. That, I get and I like.

The cow from the Horizon milk ad

The cow from the Horizon milk ad

But here’s my problem. At first glance, I thought the big Horizon milk cow was part of the art museum’s exhibit. Then I realized the kids were holding its ear and tail, walking in line, so I guess the cow is going on a field trip with them. Why is that? Are the kids supposed to milk the cow when they’re thirsty? What about the chocolate flavor? Do they pull a different udder for that?

I don’t know what you personally think about this ad, but it doesn’t do it for me. That cow is very cute by the way. I think it deserves its own spot in a museum. One day…

The way she moos

This afternoon I was planning to share another print ad I recently spotted in a magazine (see cow print ad #1 here and cow print ad #2 here). I actually starting writing the post, but then I took a break and read a fellow blogger’s post and thought I’d highlight her post instead. Why? Because she’s got a cow image in there. With lots of cows…

The way she moos

The way she moos


Now that you’ve met your cow quota for today, hop over to Robin’s blog and her post on “Sentences that sing”. She features a really good sentence out of her upcoming novel. And no, the sentence doesn’t mention any cows. :-)