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It’s an avalanche of cows!

Yep, I have witnessed an avalanche of cows. Well, technically, I’m not sure you can call it avalanche, but at least the cold temperatures are applicable.

One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is Souplantation. What’s not to like about a place with an all-you-can-eat giant salad bar, soup bar, pasta bar, fruit bar and muffin bar? And a few other yummy things.

Souplantation used to hide the kid’s milk in small fridges next to the registers at the end of the salad bar line when you walk in. They’ve apparently rearranged their line and now you can just help yourself to the kids’ drinks, including the milk. And look how many bottles of milk they have, featuring one cow on each bottle!

Avalanche of cows - milk bottles at Souplantation

Avalanche of cows – milk bottles at Souplantation

See the bottles of Heritage milk stacked up on top of each other, sitting on ice? Doesn’t this look like an avalanche waiting to happen? Don’t blink, you might miss it!

By the way, if you previously missed it, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Heritage milk cow. It’s pretty disturbing, as in “mutant” like.


The Horizon milk ad – a mystery to me…

This is the last in the series on the marketing power of cows in print ads, after the bulls of Big Rich Texas, the jumping cow of the Over the Moon milk, and the veggie cow for Lightlife’s veggie burgers (my favorite of all, I think).

Today’s cow is selling milk again. But not any milk. Horizon milk, which is organic (plain milk or chocolate milk flavor). It comes in a convenient package that doesn’t need refrigeration, so kids can pack it up in their lunch sacks when they go on a field trip. That, I get and I like.

The cow from the Horizon milk ad

The cow from the Horizon milk ad

But here’s my problem. At first glance, I thought the big Horizon milk cow was part of the art museum’s exhibit. Then I realized the kids were holding its ear and tail, walking in line, so I guess the cow is going on a field trip with them. Why is that? Are the kids supposed to milk the cow when they’re thirsty? What about the chocolate flavor? Do they pull a different udder for that?

I don’t know what you personally think about this ad, but it doesn’t do it for me. That cow is very cute by the way. I think it deserves its own spot in a museum. One day…

Are you ready to drink milk that’s over the moon?

In my previous post, I explained that I recently ran across several print ads featuring the marketing power of cows. The first cow was selling veggie burgers (it’s called a veggie cow, literally). Today’s cow is selling… what else but milk? But wait, not any milk. Over the Moon milk.

The cow in the over the moon milk ad

The cow in the over the moon milk ad

From what this ad tells me, Over the Moon milk is fat free and somehow amazingly rich. Have you ever tasted fat free milk? The last adjective I’d use to describe fat free milk is “rich”, so I’d think it needs quite a few additives to make it taste that way.

Over the Moon tell us this milk tastes so good, you’ll feel over the moon. Or maybe you’ll be able to jump over the moon after losing all that extra weight. I don’t know, what do you think? Either way, you’ve just got to BELIEVE. That’s what the tagline tells me. Hey, Over the Moon milk people, The Polar Express wants its tagline back.

What type of cow do veggie burgers come from?

A week ago, I hosted a vision board party for a large group of friends. For several hours, we brainstormed, designed and created our personal vision boards for 2013. These boards list our own affirmations, goals and visions for this year. They’re meant to serve as visual reminders every day, so they contain a lot of visual clues, which we cut out of magazines.

To find the right visual clues for my board, I went through a lot of magazines. I had specific ideas of what to use for each goal I listed, and I managed to get the right images in the end. But I have to admit the process was long and tedious. What made it more enjoyable and surprising? The amount of magazine ads I found that featured cows!

So this week I’ll be highlighting the cows that sell you things. Have you ever noticed the selling power of cows? I’ve mentioned several times on this blog and I’m about to deliver you with a few more samples.

Today, I’m featuring an ad from the vegetarian food company Lightlife, which sells soy-based meat replacement foods (we love their hot dogs!). Lightlife is introducing a new line of veggie burger. Can you think of the best spokeperson for this new veggie burger? How about a veggie cow? It looks so good, I love it!

Veggie burger ad from Lightlife - the veggie cow

Veggie burger ad from Lightlife – the veggie cow