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Did you see the cow in the movie Puss in Boots?

My kids recently started watching the new Puss in Boots movie and they love it. In fact they ask to watch it at least once a week and don’t seem to get tired of it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I recommend it. It’s full of humor, adventures, twists and surprises.

There’s a very funny scene (and very popular on YouTube) where Puss in Boots and Kitty Soft Paws meet in a cat bar and start a dance fight. Look who’s behind the bar… a cow! You probably wonder why a cow would be in a bar, but remember it’s a car bar. And what do cats drink? Milk, lots of milk. And take a look at the milk tap handles? Cow heads. Lovely.

The cow in the movie Puss in Boots

The cow in the movie Puss in Boots

Now you can go 1:45 minute in the video below and that’s when you’ll see the first appearance of the cow during the dance fight. You’ll see it again a few seconds later when two cats use its cow bell to add to the background music. Enjoy!



Are you ready to see Lady Gaga milking a cow?

I read a news article last week but the photo included with it didn’t show the whole picture so I wanted to find out more. Did you read about this elementary school principal in Massachusetts who challenged his students to read 10,000 books in a school year?

To encourage the whole school to read more books, this principal made a bet with his students. If they didn’t read the 10,000 books he would… have to dress up as Lady Gaga and milk a cow. It’s what the kids happened to choose. I wonder how they came up with the two ideas together but I love it!

Well, this principal got exactly what he asked for and last week, he lost the bet. Aw, look how cute he is.

School principal dresses as Lady Gaga

School principal dresses as Lady Gaga

And here he is as Lady Gaga milking a cow. Now this is a sight I’ll never be able to erase from my mind!

School principal dressed as Lady Gaga milks a cow

School principal dressed as Lady Gaga milks a cow

A picture is worth a thousand words but a movie is worth a thousand more, so you can watch the video of this school principal dressed as Lady Gaga and milking a cow.

Is that a cool school principal, or what?

Dairy cows get pampered

I just read a very interesting AP (Associated Press) article on Yahoo News about a number of dairy farms that are pampering their cows to improve their overall well-being, and in return increase their milk production.

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment - Photo courtesy of AP

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment – Photo courtesy of AP

Some dairy cows are getting a lot of pampering including massages, chiropractic treatments, and new water beds. The article even mentions the use of classical music but one of the interviewees dismisses that cows care about listening to music. I’ll have to disagree with this observation. Do you remember the post I wrote on cows enjoying jazz music? Here’s the video again. You can’t tell me cows don’t appreciate good music when they hear it!

It’s another cow stuck in a claw machine

Well, this hasn’t happened for a long time now, but I finally ran into another cow stuck in a claw machine this morning while shopping at the grocery store with my son. It looked so cute (and a little weird too), I can’t believe nobody has tried to rescue it yet. Wait, I know why. Have you ever tried to grab a stuffed toy out of the claw machine? Yep, I wouldn’t waste my dollar either.

Cow stuck in claw machine

Cow stuck in claw machine

Now this reminds me of a very funny scene in the original Toy Story movie, when Buzz Lightyear and Woody end up getting trapped in a claw machine. I LOVE Buzz’s first question to the aliens: “Who’s in charge here?” Their answer? “The claaaaawwww…” Enjoy!

Springtime means happy cows, very happy cows!

Having a Facebook page for Every Day I See A Cow has a few privileges. It helps me reach people through Facebook and interact with them. And once in a while, someone will post something about cows they want me to see.

Recently the group Not In My Cuppa, whose goal is to bring awareness about the well-being of dairy cows in the UK and improve their conditions, invited me to check out a link on my wall. The link went to the Cow Dance website, created by the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).

Dancing cows - Cow dance

Dancing cows - Cow dance

If you want to smile and laugh for a few minutes, I invite you to visit their website and watch a few videos of very happy cows being released in the fields after being locked up in the barn for the winter. Check them out jumping, kicking their back legs in the air, rolling in the grass… They couldn’t be happier. Here’s just one video of dancing cows to give you a taste.