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Ooh la la, today’s cows are from France

I’d like to start today’s post by “thanking” WordPress for not sending out my daily post by email yesterday. What the heck, people? This isn’t the first time, either. Don’t you know how to fix a glitch when you see one? It’s not that your service is free, or something like that. Oh wait, it is. But still, when something’s broken, you should fix it…

So if you wondered what yesterday’s post was about, well, you missed seeing round sheep and square cows. Come on, you know you want to click.

For today’s post, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to Tilly Bud at The Laughing Housewife. She recently visited fellow blogger Viv in her French Normandy home and then bragged about it. Over and over. It took her several posts to retell her trip step by step, hour by hour, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even after today’s post, I don’t think Tilly’s done telling us about the wonderful trip she had. And I hope she doesn’t, because I enjoyed reading every single part of it, as it reminded me so much of my home country and what I miss about it.

Today Tilly Bud included several beautiful pictures in her post, including this one she took from the window of a French Normandy castle. What a view! By the way, that’s exactly what Normandy looks like.

French Normandy dairy cows

French Normandy dairy cows

My first thought when I saw her picture? Yum, Normandy butter. By far this is the best tasting butter in the world. Of course, there may be some delicious Irish butter too, but I believe butter from Normandy is la creme de la creme. Oh, this reminds me. Normandy cows make yummy creme fraiche too.

Sorry if I sound snobbish or as I’m poo-pooing American butter. But if you ever have the chance to go to France, just buy some butter in a grocery store, as most of it is made in Normandy, and spread it on Fresh baguette. Then come back here and tell me what you think.

If there’s a heaven, THIS is the butter they serve there! Ooh la la, I can just smell and taste it now… Thanks, Tilly, what a wonderful flashback you’ve given me today!


It’s showtime! Meet Daisy, a fine looking pole dancing cow

The cow sightings I encountered today were quite traditional. Well, that was until I visited Tilly Bud’s The Laughing Housewife blog and read today’s post where she awarded her now almost famous weekly CoWAbunger award to one of her post commentators. The award photo she chose for him was quite lovely – a smiling cow!

Smiling cow

Smiling cow

Don’t you imagine this cow’s next step would be to lick you all over the face? Mmmmmmm, mooooooo! (that means “I love you” in bovine language)

But as Tilly was assigning her award and the photo associated with it, she mentioned her temptation to use the photo of a pole dancing cow. Eventually she decided against it since her blog is “family friendly”. Come on, Tilly, who are you kidding? You SOOOO should have gone for it!

Fortunately she provided a link to a Google UK search result page with quite a lot of photos of pole dancing cows on it. Who knew pole dancing cows were so popular? I found some of them quite unattractive and I’m not sure they’d turn on a bull unless he’s really horny (pardon the pun), but I found you a sexy one. Meet Daisy the pole dancing milk goddess:

Pole dancing cow from the Cow Parade

Pole dancing cow from the Cow Parade

Look at that bright smile, the hot red lipstick, the shiny red hoof polish (nice touch!) and the many red ribbons that leave nothing to the imagination.

Wow, I sure hope I don’t dream about this tonight! Let me know if you do.

Cow video you don’t want to miss

Every day new cow spottings come as a surprise, as I never know when and where they’ll occur (nobody’s handed me a schedule yet). My first cow sighting today happened after breakfast when I heard my oldest say, “Hey mama, take a look this way!” So I did, and this is what I saw:

Toy cows sitting on a rug

Toy cows sitting on a rug

Haha, thanks, buddy, you’re very funny! Could someone please tell him it’s called April Fool’s Day, not April Fool’s Month?

A few hours later, I was browsing the Legoland California website to gather precious information. You see, we’re thinking about taking a family vacation and the two options we’re considering at this time are Disneyland California and Legoland California. One requires a hotel stay, the other doesn’t. Both parks are not cheap and will bring my kids to levels of energy I’m not sure I can handle. I think either way, I’ll need a vacation by myself after our family vacation!

As I was looking at the Legoland interactive map, I spotted these friendly bovines:

Legoland California interactive map with cows

Legoland California interactive map with cows

If you don’t believe me, see it for yourself on the Legoland California interactive map, in the top right corner. These cows are strategically placed in green pastures behind the Legoland Resort Hotel. Is that supposed to make me want to stay there overnight? Having witnessed the purchasing power of cows and commented on it in this blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lego people were trying to tell me something. I feel like calling the hotel and asking them if there really are cows in that spot.

Now for my most memorable – and I have to say most disturbing – cow of the day, I have to thank a fellow WordPress blogger at Knotrune, who emailed me this YouTube link earlier today:

I’m not sure I want to smile, laugh, cry, throw up, or else, but I can’t stop watching. This cow video is mesmerizing and only proves one thing. Someone out there is way, way more obsessed about cows than I am!

My cow blog is being showcased on WordPress!

In early January 2011, I took the WordPress challenge to post every day of 2011. I figured it would be a great motivator for me to write this blog, especially since my goal is to report my personal daily sightings of cow.

Today I almost fell off my chair when I saw on the WordPress daily update that my blog was featured in the “10 WordPress theme blogs that rock“! All I can say is, HOLY COW! (no pun intended).

I’m so glad to read that other people think that cows rock, and I want to thank today’s visitors for stopping by. Thanks also to the few emails of encouragement I’ve already received. Feel free to browse, subscribe if you would like daily updates, and don’t forget to tell your friends about this experiment in progress.

And by the way, if you think that you don’t see a cow every day, here’s one for you, doubtful reader!

Every day you see a cow

Every day you see a cow

I’m taking on WordPress’ challenge to post every day in 2011!

See a cow every day

See a cow every day

WordPress is challenging its current and new bloggers to write posts every day or every week in 2011. I’m taking on the daily post challenge and my daily cow sightings will be great motivation!

See if I can keep up with the challenge, one day at a time…