The way she moos

This afternoon I was planning to share another print ad I recently spotted in a magazine (see cow print ad #1 here and cow print ad #2 here). I actually starting writing the post, but then I took a break and read a fellow blogger’s post and thought I’d highlight her post instead. Why? Because she’s got a cow image in there. With lots of cows…

The way she moos

The way she moos


Now that you’ve met your cow quota for today, hop over to Robin’s blog and her post on “Sentences that sing”. She features a really good sentence out of her upcoming novel. And no, the sentence doesn’t mention any cows. :-)


Are you ready to drink milk that’s over the moon?

In my previous post, I explained that I recently ran across several print ads featuring the marketing power of cows. The first cow was selling veggie burgers (it’s called a veggie cow, literally). Today’s cow is selling… what else but milk? But wait, not any milk. Over the Moon milk.

The cow in the over the moon milk ad

The cow in the over the moon milk ad

From what this ad tells me, Over the Moon milk is fat free and somehow amazingly rich. Have you ever tasted fat free milk? The last adjective I’d use to describe fat free milk is “rich”, so I’d think it needs quite a few additives to make it taste that way.

Over the Moon tell us this milk tastes so good, you’ll feel over the moon. Or maybe you’ll be able to jump over the moon after losing all that extra weight. I don’t know, what do you think? Either way, you’ve just got to BELIEVE. That’s what the tagline tells me. Hey, Over the Moon milk people, The Polar Express wants its tagline back.

What type of cow do veggie burgers come from?

A week ago, I hosted a vision board party for a large group of friends. For several hours, we brainstormed, designed and created our personal vision boards for 2013. These boards list our own affirmations, goals and visions for this year. They’re meant to serve as visual reminders every day, so they contain a lot of visual clues, which we cut out of magazines.

To find the right visual clues for my board, I went through a lot of magazines. I had specific ideas of what to use for each goal I listed, and I managed to get the right images in the end. But I have to admit the process was long and tedious. What made it more enjoyable and surprising? The amount of magazine ads I found that featured cows!

So this week I’ll be highlighting the cows that sell you things. Have you ever noticed the selling power of cows? I’ve mentioned several times on this blog and I’m about to deliver you with a few more samples.

Today, I’m featuring an ad from the vegetarian food company Lightlife, which sells soy-based meat replacement foods (we love their hot dogs!). Lightlife is introducing a new line of veggie burger. Can you think of the best spokeperson for this new veggie burger? How about a veggie cow? It looks so good, I love it!

Veggie burger ad from Lightlife - the veggie cow

Veggie burger ad from Lightlife – the veggie cow

The many cows of Christmas – Part 4

This is my last cow sighting report for 2012 and it’s very special. It’s the last of the cow gifts I received for Christmas and it’s very, very cute. The clue I gave you previously was, it’s something you wear but it’s not clothing. Did you guess? It’s a cow brooch!

Purple cow brooch

Purple cow brooch

There have been all sorts of cows on this blog but this is the very first cow brooch. Apparently, it’s not that unique because there are a lot of cow brooches out there. Who knew?

And look, it’s a purple cow, how special! Of course, it holds its special place among the other purple cows on this blog, including:

Seth Godin’s Purple Cow
The Milka cow (here too)
– A real purple cow

There you have it, a whole herd of purple cows. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome the new year.

Happy 2013, everyone!

WordPress weekly photo challenge: My 2012 in pictures of cows

I love the WordPress new photo gallery feature and this is a great way to display a lot of photos in one post. I also love the opportunity to review a year of cows by showcasing the best of the year. If you missed my Top 10 Best Cows of 2011, make sure you take a look.

This year, there was no runaway cow (at least that I know of) and no ugly cow sofa, but still plenty of memorable cows for 2012. They include my very own cow slippers, as well as a whole shelf of cow slippers I almost bought, skiing cows, cow artwork, the Skinny Cow, the American Flag cow, the cow from the Puss in Boots movie, the udder rings, the birthday balloon cow, the grossest birthday card cow, the cow flashlight, the bug-eyed cow, the hot air balloon cow and the lawn mowing / bulimic cow. Enjoy!