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It’s an avalanche of cows!

Yep, I have witnessed an avalanche of cows. Well, technically, I’m not sure you can call it avalanche, but at least the cold temperatures are applicable.

One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego is Souplantation. What’s not to like about a place with an all-you-can-eat giant salad bar, soup bar, pasta bar, fruit bar and muffin bar? And a few other yummy things.

Souplantation used to hide the kid’s milk in small fridges next to the registers at the end of the salad bar line when you walk in. They’ve apparently rearranged their line and now you can just help yourself to the kids’ drinks, including the milk. And look how many bottles of milk they have, featuring one cow on each bottle!

Avalanche of cows - milk bottles at Souplantation

Avalanche of cows – milk bottles at Souplantation

See the bottles of Heritage milk stacked up on top of each other, sitting on ice? Doesn’t this look like an avalanche waiting to happen? Don’t blink, you might miss it!

By the way, if you previously missed it, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Heritage milk cow. It’s pretty disturbing, as in “mutant” like.