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That darn Red Bull truck…

People in my town must be really tired (I know I am) because I’ve been seeing the Red Bull delivery truck more often in the past few weeks. I’m guessing the truck driver drinks a lot of Red Bull because I never manage to take a picture of the truck before it disappears around the corner.

Well, yesterday was my lucky day because I managed to take this photo as the truck was turning left at a light.

Red Bull truck going out for delivery

Red Bull truck going out for delivery

Consider this post a bonus edition, because look at the cute cow puppet I spotted at Michael’s art & craft store this past weekend. Of course, BFF (best friend forever) Piggy is right behind as always. This cow is begging me to take her home…

Cow puppet and pig puppet

Cow puppet and pig puppet


The many cows of Idyllwild, California

I’m back from spending a week with my kids in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, California, a small town just two hours away from San Diego. I used to be able to enjoy the greenery mountains just 30 minutes away from San Diego too, until the wildfires in 2003 and then again in 2008 burned all of it down. And when I say all, I mean all. So today the trip is a little longer to find tall, green forests but it’s worth it.

On the way there and back, I saw quite a few cows, mostly the Angus beef kind, grazing in grass fields by the side of the road. Unfortunately I was driving and with no easy and safe place to pull over and take pictures, I have nothing to show you when it comes to real cows.

I did see lots of images of cows during our stay in the town of Idyllwild though. I think the first occurrence was at the grocery store, on the side of an ice-cream freezer. Who can resist a pint or a cone of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

Ben & Jerry's ice cream in Idyllwild, California

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Idyllwild, California

But by far, the one place in Idyllwild with the most cows was the toy store / old-fashioned soda pop shop . Yes, it sounds like quite a weird mix, but apparently it’s a very popular place on the weekends.

There was the Melissa & Doug Farm Friends floor puzzle:

Melissa & Doug farm friends floor puzzle

Melissa & Doug farm friends floor puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Paint With Water Farm Animals theme set:

Melissa & Doug paint with water - farm animals

And even an Animal Planet coloring & activity book:

Animal Planet coloring & activity book with a cow

I’m sure there were actually more cows than I could see but after all, I was there to pick up some fun, cheap toys with my kids. And no, we didn’t buy anything with cows.

Stay tuned for more cows from our vacation. Some of them happen to be quite ancient.

Ready to make your own bull?

If you want to make your own bull and get away with it, there’s an easy way. I found it at Michael’s art & craft store while browsing the aisles for art projects to do with the kids. It’s called RoseArt 3D wooden bull puzzle. What do you think?

RoseArt 3D wooden bull puzzle

RoseArt 3D wooden bull puzzle

I was at Michael’s with my four-year old and he seemed more interested in the 3D wooden dinosaur puzzles than in a cow (sorry, no pictures).

I’d love to work on an art project like this with him but I can already imagine how this will end. He’ll want to play with his finished dinosaur and will end up having him crushed and eaten by his hard plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Damn, that guy always wins, he’s such a bully. And that’s no bull!

It’s another cow stuck in a claw machine

Well, this hasn’t happened for a long time now, but I finally ran into another cow stuck in a claw machine this morning while shopping at the grocery store with my son. It looked so cute (and a little weird too), I can’t believe nobody has tried to rescue it yet. Wait, I know why. Have you ever tried to grab a stuffed toy out of the claw machine? Yep, I wouldn’t waste my dollar either.

Cow stuck in claw machine

Cow stuck in claw machine

Now this reminds me of a very funny scene in the original Toy Story movie, when Buzz Lightyear and Woody end up getting trapped in a claw machine. I LOVE Buzz’s first question to the aliens: “Who’s in charge here?” Their answer? “The claaaaawwww…” Enjoy!

Watch out for the cows hiding in the bushes at Legoland!

Nope, I didn’t go to Legoland California this week. So far I’ve been able to resist buying tickets for the amusement park. And believe me, when adult tickets are $72 and child tickets $62, it’s easy to resist. Even a box of Lego can cost an arm and a leg but they sure can create hours of entertainement at home! The closest we’ve come to Legoland this week is by actually visiting the Sealife aquarium next door, which of course costs a lot less and is still very interesting for kids and their parents alike.

Still, I’m waiting for the deal of the century with Legoland. OK, I’ll be happy with the deal of the year, where I can get tickets for a lot less and take the kids there, since they’re often bugging me. So I figured I’d like their Facebook page and not miss out on any offers they may put out there.

So far, I haven’t seen my ticket deal of the year but a couple days ago Legoland California posted this photo on their Facebook page. Look who’s hiding in the bushes at the park!

Mommy buffalo and her calf at Legoland California

Mommy buffalo and her calf at Legoland California

I understand these are technically Lego sculptures of buffalo, not simple cows. But aren’t this mommy buffalo and her calf cute, or what?

And boy, aren’t you happy these aren’t real? I know what Cape buffalo can do to you. That would make for a bad attraction at Legoland, don’t you think?