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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Walmart!

I was looking for floor lamps at Walmart yesterday but after I didn’t find what I really wanted, I stopped by the holiday aisles to take a look at all the Christmas decorations and see if I could add to my collection.

Well, I ended up not buying anything there but I managed to add to my online cow collection with this very nice skiing cow Christmas decoration!

Skiing cow Christmas decoration at Walmart

Skiing cow Christmas decoration at Walmart

Here it is from the other side. For $29.98, it’s a great deal.

Christmas decoration - cow on skis

Christmas decoration – cow on skis

If you remember, one of my Christmas tree ornaments is a skating cow but I think this beats it for sure. You know Christmas is coming when the cows are taking out their winter gear!


Cows hang out at the coffee shop

A couple of days ago, I visited a local coffee shop with my friend for coffee break (tea for me, of course) and good conversation. This coffee shop opened up just a couple of weeks ago in our town and we both like to support small businesses. The first time we went there, we noticed the decor was quite plain and the walls pretty bare. And no, there were no cows on the walls or on any of the shelves.

The second time around, I did spot a few cows. Unfortunately they are being contained in a small fridge on the front counter, keeping company to the apple juice and fancy sodas. It doesn’t seem to bother them, though. Look how happy and sexy they are. I heard organic reduced fat chocolate milk will do that to you.

Cows at the coffee shop

Cows at the coffee shop

Watch out for cow overload!

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I had to take care of some personal issues for a little while but I’m back, with a boatload of cow sightings to report. I’ve got some really interesting cows to share, starting with the ones I saw yesterday. And it was a lot of cows.

I went out for brunch at a local restaurant called Gingham’s with a group of friends. I had visited their website earlier that week and realized it was quite focused on “meat” items, which is not my preference.

Well, here’s the first hint I was definitely entering meatland: the front door.

The front door of Gingham's restaurant - longhorns

The front door of Gingham’s restaurant – longhorns

As soon as we walked in, the first words coming out of my mouth were, Holy cow! Perched on top of a wall, this all American cow was staring at us.

All American cow - cow sculpture with American flag

All American cow – cow sculpture with American flag

But wait, there’s more. This cow had friends keeping her company. Plenty of friends.

The many cow decorations at Gingham's restaurant

The many cow decorations at Gingham’s restaurant

And for the great finale, I present you with the real jumping cow! Remember the German girl whose parents didn’t want to buy her a horse, so she trained Luna the cow to be ridden like a horse? Yep, a large canvas of her and her bovine friend were overlooking our table. Nice!

Canvas of Luna the jumping cow

Canvas of Luna the jumping cow

What is it with Spain and bulls?

You’ve got to give kudos to Michael’s, the art & craft supply store, for keeping kids busy and creative in the summer. Once again, they’re inviting them to come over and make things out of their own hands with the”passport to imagination”.

Michael's passport to imagination 2012

Michael’s passport to imagination 2012

Each week you can visit the store and create crafts representing various countries of the world. For example you can make a gecko lizard and a monarch butterfly for Mexico, the Chilean flag and an alpaca puppet for Chili, etc. 

And then there’s Spain. 

Michael's passport to imagination - Spain

You can’t blame Michael’s for mentioning bullfighting as a “popular pastime” in Spain. After all, the passport tells me Spain’s national animal is the bull and bullfighting is still a legal activity over there. Still, someone should tell Spain it’s 2012.

Oh well, at least it makes for a cute craft activity, since you can create your own terra cotta bull, nose ring included. Toro, toro!

Michael's passport to imagination - terra cotta bull

Michael’s passport to imagination – terra cotta bull

The many cows of Old Town San Diego – Part 2

If you missed The many cows of Old Town San Diego – Part 1, it’s worth taking a look, just for that fancy chair made out of cow horns.

I felt I won the jackpot at San Diego’s Old Town – at least when it comes to cow sightings – when we entered a store selling a whole bunch of indoor and outdoor home decorations. Many of them were made in Mexico (not China!) so you get a taste of the local flavor.

Are you ready to see them all? Well, I’m sure they were more but this is what I managed to see while making sure my kids weren’t breaking anything in the store… Here we go!

Looks, it’s a cow with wings. Now I really believe the slogan, Red Bull gives you wings! It really does, even for cows.

Cow with wings!

Cow with wings!

Here are some really cute cow clay sculptures, with their pig friends.

Cow clay sculptures at a San Diego's Old Town store

Cow clay sculptures at a San Diego’s Old Town store

And here’s a nice cow skull decoration made out of wood. Pretty neat.

Cow skull decoration made out of wood

Of course, it wouldn’t be right without the common Holstein cow sighting.

Holstein cow made out of clay