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What happens when you cross a cow with a giraffe?

Have you ever wondered what would happen  if you crossed a cow with a giraffe? Yeah, me neither. Well, that’s until earlier this week, when I heard my kid say, “Mama, you’ve got to see this!”

He’s right, I had to see it and now you’re seeing it too. I present you the cow giraffe!

Cow giraffe

Cow giraffe

Isn’t it cute? It came from a bag full of self-adhesive foam animal shapes similar to this one. It’s the only animal in the bag that looks this close to a cow.

By the way, if you’re curious to know what happens when you cross other animals together, I have one more for you. What happens when you cross a leopard and a cow? A leopard cow, of course! Courtesy of the Cow Parade people.

Leopard cow from the Cow Parade

Leopard cow from the Cow Parade


Can a cow jump over the moon? I think so!

If you think a cow can’t really jump over the moon, I’m about to prove you wrong. And for this I have to thank Tilly at The Laughing Housewife and her weekly CoWAbunger. This is the photo she chose for this week’s award, which is quite appropriate for a post on astronauts (by the way, congratulations for your third award, Pseu!):

Space shuttle cow statue from the Cow Parade in Kansas City

Space shuttle cow statue from the Cow Parade in Kansas City

For every cow out there who dreams of jumping over the moon, this is exactly what you need. Why don’t you ask Father Christmoos for it, and let’s see what he can do for you?

Does this sacred cow look sacred to you?

Earlier today I was drawn to read an article on the Forbes.com website that claimed to discuss the pension plan problems plaguing many American cities. Unfortunately the article failed to tell me what I didn’t already know but I’ll admit its title caught my interest: “Nipping At the Sacred Cow: Major Cities Take On Pension Reform.”

So I clicked on the link and started reading the article, and right on the first page I found this cow image labeled “the sacred cow”.

Sacred cow or cash cow?

Sacred cow or cash cow?

This cow statue is a clear remnant of a past Cow Parade and I can’t help but look at this cow and wonder why someone would label it a sacred cow. All I see is the many dollar bills and dollar signs covering its body. Shouldn’t it be called the “cash cow” instead? Or maybe it’s sacred because of its abundant riches. I don’t get it. Do you?

The most surprising part of this article occurred on page 2, when I saw the list of the Top 10 U.S. cities and U.S. counties who will come up short over the next few years with their pension plans if nothing gets done about it. What’s the surprise? San Diego City and San Diego County are not on the list! I have no idea how this happened, considering I can’t turn on the radio any day of the week without hearing at least one report about our dire pension plan problem. The only explanation I can find for San Diego’s ommission on these lists is that some cities may happen to be in much more trouble than San Diego, which I find it hard to imagine. I mean, if that’s the case, they’re really, really in trouble.

Boy, how did we ever get into this hole in the first place? My guess would be greediness and unrealistic expectations. Damn, where is that sacred cash cow when you need it?

Today’s cow is corny and I’m just lazy

Today’s cow comes from The Laughing Housewife’s blog, who awarded her weekly CoWAbunger to one of her lucky blog commenters and chose the award below for the occasion. Meet the corn on the cow!

Corn on the cow - cow statue from the cow parade

Corn on the cow - cow statue from the cow parade

Oh, pretty! I’m guessing it’s a cow statue from one of the cow parades, but I may be wrong. Maybe it’s just a cow table decoration people use when they want to have a little joke on their guests.

What? Did I say there would be corn on the cob? I’m sorry, you must have heard me wrong, I said corn on the cow!

As for the lazy part, I had a really horrible day. Yes, I did see other cows but this one was easy to grab and I find it really cute, so it wins today’s spotlight. Thanks for another great looking cow, Tilly Bud!

It’s triple cow Monday!

Today I saw cows on milk and cheese packages, in books and in a Curious George video but my most memorable cow has to be the one I spotted not once but three times on Tilly Bud’s The Laughing Housewife blog.

So far, she’s managed to make me see a cow trophy and a Sam-Moo-Rai cow but today, that was quite something else. I believe the cow on her photo is a remnant of a Cow Parade somewhere in the world, but the funniest part about it is, she used the same photo three times in a row to award her COWAbunger award to three different commenters.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, here you go then!

#1 cow award

Cow statue from Cow Parade

Cow statue from Cow Parade

#2 cow award

#3 cow award

There you have it, three cow photos in a row. It’s triple cow Monday! I’m anxious to see what she’ll be coming up with next time…