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The many cows of Christmas – Part 2

Yesterday, I explained how this Christmas has been full of cows when it comes to gifts. Here’s part 2 of my cow gift showcasing series.

So what do you think would go well with a cow headband? How about some cow slippers?

Soft cow slippers

Soft cow slippers

These cow slippers are super comfortable because they don’t have a hard sole, just some non-slippery pattern. Really, they’re more like thick socks that keep my feet warm, which makes me happy because my tile floor is so chilly. And they feature cute and happy looking cows, so they’re a pleasure to wear. Surprisingly, my kids haven’t put them on their own feet yet, even though they’ve worn the cow headband several times already. Let’s hope things continue this way because I’m not sure I want to share these. If you’re looking for cow slippers, Amazon’s got a whole bunch of different styles available. So many choices!

Can you guess what other cow gifts I got? One of the gifts goes very well with these cow slippers.