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Sandra Boynton wants to know if you’re a cow

Sandra Boynton is a talented children’s book author and illustrator with a great sense of humor. Last year, I was very excited to see her come out with a big book solely dedicated to cows called Amazing Cows: Udder Absurdity for Children. And yes, the content is quite absurd and very funny. I’ve even featured some of it on this blog (just search for “amazing cows”).

I know she’s written books about many animals before, including a lot of barnyard animals, and of course cows. My kids are too big for her books now but I still enjoy reading them for myself. Hey, girls just want to have fun once in a while.

When I went to my local Target yesterday, I discovered they have a pretty good selection of Sandra Boynton books right now, with, drumroll, please … lots of cows. Check out the cow and pig dancing together on the cover of Barnyard Dance. And of course the classic Moo, Baa, La La La! There are pigs on the front cover, they’re just hidden.

Sandra Boynton Barnyard Dance and Moo, Baa...

Sandra Boynton Barnyard Dance and Moo, Baa…

And then I spotted this Sandra Boynton book called Are You A Cow? and I couldn’t remember seeing it before. That’s because it’s brand new! It just came out in May 2012, NOW!

Are you a cow? by Sandra Boynton

You’ve got to love the cover of the book because this cow looks quite puzzled when asked the question, are you a cow? Will someone please reassure her and tell her she’s a cow. And quite a cute one, I should add.

By the way, I was browsing the children’s books department to find some Star Wars books for early readers, which my five-year old recently requested. Well, I found NOTHING! But resourceful is my middle name and fortunately I ordered some last week from the library, just in case my store search would be in vain. Lucky us, we already got a few to read. I can’t believe the kid is so much into Star Wars already when he hasn’t seen any of the movies yet!


Cows fly away in Fall Mixed Up

I recently borrowed a very funny children’s book from the library called Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka.

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

From the subject of the book (the Fall season) and the front cover, would you guess there are cows in this book? Well, there are plenty of them and they appear in the very first two spreads, even before any of the text.

Here is the first spread, featuring cows starting to take off. I love the up-arrow pattern on the cow in the front! If you look closely, you’ll also find a cow up in the tree (top left corner) and one flying up, up and away (top right corner).

Flying cows

Flying cows

Of course, here are two more cows in the second page spread. Do they look like they’re having fun? Actually, I’m not sure about this one. The one cow looking at me seems a little clueless and worried. Hey, is this how you make a milkshake?

Fall mixed up book with flying cows

The mooing cows of Walmart

After not finding the clothes I was looking for at Target the other day, I decided to try Walmart, hoping for better luck. All the winter clearance clothes were gone and I couln’t find a single sweatshirt under $15. When I see how rough my kids are on their clothes, I always hesitate spending more than $10 on any piece of clothing that will end up full of stains or full of holes.

But my trip wasn’t a complete waste of time since I found this cow book, very appropriately called “Moo!” in a large bin as I was walking around the store. And it’s in great company!

The Moo! book

The Moo! book

My kids are too big for this type of book but this cow sure looks cute and happy! 

Happy cow, happy Friday!

Today’s cow is wearing… a wig?

I found today’s cow in a children’s book called Don’t Worry, Douglas! by David Melling, which we recently borrowed from our local library.

Don't worry Douglas by David Melling

Don't worry Douglas by David Melling

Douglas’s dad gives him a woolly hat to keep him warm when he goes and play outside. Unfortunately Douglas’s hat gets caught in the branch of a tree and turns into a super long string of spaghetti. One by one the other animals figure out what to do with the wool, except putting it back into a hat…

Of course, this book about a bear wouldn’t be complete without a cow. She shows up right after the sheep.

The cow makes a wig out of Douglas's hat string

Look at her. Doesn’t she look pretty? I love the pompons dangling down from the ears.

Cow wearing a wig

And if you’re wondering what happens to Douglas’s hat, it doesn’t get turned back into a hat (at least not by the end of the book) and Douglas is worried his dad will get upset. But instead Dad gives him his own hat to wear and keep warm.  Dad clearly hasn’t learned his lesson!

I met a Lego cow and it’s not very friendly

I recently borrowed The Lego Ideas Book from the library for my five-year old, who’s a big Lego fan and always looking for new Lego design ideas.

The Lego Ideas Book

The Lego Ideas Book

This book does contain a lot of ideas (but no instructions) on things you can build with Legos. Unfortunately it also includes a lot of designs with “special” pieces that don’t come in regular Lego sets, so I’m not sure how helpful it really is since it’s hard to build the designs without them.

Of course, no Lego book would be complete without a cow, and it appears on the Country Barn page.

Lego country barn and cow

Lego country barn and cow

But wait, there’s more. Look at the bottom of the page spread and you’ll find another Lego cow.

Lego cow with a nasty attitude

Lego cow with a nasty attitude

Wow, and I thought cows liked to hang around together as a herd. This one looks cute but it sure is nasty!