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It’s Chloe the dancing cow!

I have so many cow sightings to show you  and I’m not doing a great job at catching up, am I? But I swear I’ll get there, and so for today I’d like to introduce you to the very sexy Chloe, the dancing cow.

Chloe the wind-up dancing cow

Chloe the wind-up dancing cow

We found her at our local Michael’s art & craft store and we even tried it as it entices us on the box. Well, you won’t believe it but Chloe the cow wiggles and shakes her booty, and even does the splits. Now, how sexy is that? OK, maybe not as sexy as Daisy the pole dancing cow, but I think it’s a close second. Don’t you agree?


Thank Real California Milk for this cow salt & pepper shaker set

If you like dairy and are interested in keeping up with dairy news (at least for California), getting ideas for new recipes and seeing interesting or funny cow pictures, the Real California Milk Facebook page is for you. Did you know July is Ice Cream Month? Better now than January, right? My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road (oh, Baskin Robbins…). What about you?

Look at the cute cow theme salt and pepper shaker the Real California Milk people recently featured on their Facebook page.

Salt and pepper shakers - cow and milk bottle

Salt and pepper shakers – cow and milk bottle

Pretty cute, huh? The only thing is, I think I’d get messed up betweenthe salt and pepper. I’m guessing the cow is the salt, but wouldn’t be funny if pepper actually came out of the cow’s nose? It would simply sneeze pepper all over your food. Love it!

Today’s cow got… udder rings?

I can credit today’s cow sighting to my sister-in-law, who posted the cartoon below on my Facebook wall last week. All I could say when I saw it was… Well, not much, because my jaw dropped and my mouth couldn’t make out any words for a while. I think I eventually managed to let out a wow, and then a big hearty laugh.

What do you think of this new cow trend – the udder rings?

Cow cartoon - udder rings

Cow cartoon – udder rings

Springtime means happy cows, very happy cows!

Having a Facebook page for Every Day I See A Cow has a few privileges. It helps me reach people through Facebook and interact with them. And once in a while, someone will post something about cows they want me to see.

Recently the group Not In My Cuppa, whose goal is to bring awareness about the well-being of dairy cows in the UK and improve their conditions, invited me to check out a link on my wall. The link went to the Cow Dance website, created by the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).

Dancing cows - Cow dance

Dancing cows - Cow dance

If you want to smile and laugh for a few minutes, I invite you to visit their website and watch a few videos of very happy cows being released in the fields after being locked up in the barn for the winter. Check them out jumping, kicking their back legs in the air, rolling in the grass… They couldn’t be happier. Here’s just one video of dancing cows to give you a taste.

Watch out for the cows hiding in the bushes at Legoland!

Nope, I didn’t go to Legoland California this week. So far I’ve been able to resist buying tickets for the amusement park. And believe me, when adult tickets are $72 and child tickets $62, it’s easy to resist. Even a box of Lego can cost an arm and a leg but they sure can create hours of entertainement at home! The closest we’ve come to Legoland this week is by actually visiting the Sealife aquarium next door, which of course costs a lot less and is still very interesting for kids and their parents alike.

Still, I’m waiting for the deal of the century with Legoland. OK, I’ll be happy with the deal of the year, where I can get tickets for a lot less and take the kids there, since they’re often bugging me. So I figured I’d like their Facebook page and not miss out on any offers they may put out there.

So far, I haven’t seen my ticket deal of the year but a couple days ago Legoland California posted this photo on their Facebook page. Look who’s hiding in the bushes at the park!

Mommy buffalo and her calf at Legoland California

Mommy buffalo and her calf at Legoland California

I understand these are technically Lego sculptures of buffalo, not simple cows. But aren’t this mommy buffalo and her calf cute, or what?

And boy, aren’t you happy these aren’t real? I know what Cape buffalo can do to you. That would make for a bad attraction at Legoland, don’t you think?