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So many cows at the pumpkin patch

Warning: you may suffer a cow overdose from this post. Read at your own risk.

This past weekend my friend and I took our respective kids to a local pumpkin patch called Oma’s Pumpkin Patch. Can you guess what we were going to see based on the signs at the entrance of the farm?

The cows at Oma's pumpkin patch in Lakeside, California

The cows at Oma’s pumpkin patch in Lakeside, California

For $8 per child (free for accompanying adult), you get a small pumpkin, a water bottle and open access to lots of games and activities fun for the whole family. They used to be a dairy farm but I’m not sure it’s still the case, considering the reality of the business for most California dairy farmers. Last time we went was a couple of years ago and the cows didn’t look in very good condition, so hopefully the problem was rectified and the place is healthier now.

But hey, dairy farm or not, I could still spot some cows in the background, so maybe there’s still milk being produced there.

The dairy cows at Oma's pumpkin patch, Laside, California

The dairy cows at Oma’s pumpkin patch, Laside, California

There are a lot of fun activities for the kids to do while at Oma’s Pumpkin Patch, including going through a hay maze, sliding down a cottonseed hill, riding the pedal-powered go carts, or petting farm animals in the pet corral. You can even pretend to milk a cow and this one doesn’t moo if you screw up.

Learn how to milk a cow

Learn how to milk a cow

Oh, and let’s not forget you can practice your lasso skills on the cow with the bale-shaped body!

How to lasso a cow

How to lasso a cow

The most realistic cow display, besides the real cows you can spot in the background, are this lifesize mother cow and her calf. This has to be my favorite cow sighting over there.

Lifesize mother cow sculpture and her calf

Lifesize mother cow sculpture and her calf


Today’s cow got… udder rings?

I can credit today’s cow sighting to my sister-in-law, who posted the cartoon below on my Facebook wall last week. All I could say when I saw it was… Well, not much, because my jaw dropped and my mouth couldn’t make out any words for a while. I think I eventually managed to let out a wow, and then a big hearty laugh.

What do you think of this new cow trend – the udder rings?

Cow cartoon - udder rings

Cow cartoon – udder rings

My first cow on Pinterest

Let me say this first: I don’t have a Pinterest account. It’s not that I don’t want one, it’s more that I’m not sure I “need” one as I don’t really understand how Pinterest works. I get the concept but I don’t know if I’d want to use it every day, or every week. And then there’s the multitude of accounts I maintain already: the Facebook account, the Linked account, the two blogs on WordPress and the new one I’m working on. I don’t want to reach information overload. Maybe I’m past that already, and I just don’t know it.

But I like to see what others pin on Pinterest. I have no idea how Facebook knows and why it thinks I want to know, but when some of my Facebook friends pin something on Pinterest, it shows up in my newsfeed. Do they know that?Somehow I doubt it. Or maybe they do and it’s an easy way for them to share what they found interesting enough to pin.

A friend of mine recently pinned a couple of funny statements. I enjoyed reading them so I went on the page they were on and I found more funny sayings and cartoons. Out of the page of 200+ images, I found only one of a cow, but the cartoon is hilarious so I wanted to share it with you. I’d pin it, but you know, I don’t do Pinterest. At least not as of today…

The cow who likes to pig out:

Funny cow cartoon on Pinterest

Funny cow cartoon on Pinterest

Dairy cows get pampered

I just read a very interesting AP (Associated Press) article on Yahoo News about a number of dairy farms that are pampering their cows to improve their overall well-being, and in return increase their milk production.

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment - Photo courtesy of AP

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment – Photo courtesy of AP

Some dairy cows are getting a lot of pampering including massages, chiropractic treatments, and new water beds. The article even mentions the use of classical music but one of the interviewees dismisses that cows care about listening to music. I’ll have to disagree with this observation. Do you remember the post I wrote on cows enjoying jazz music? Here’s the video again. You can’t tell me cows don’t appreciate good music when they hear it!

Have you heard of this new case of mad cow disease?

Have you heard of this new case of mad cow disease? Well, I have, because it was discovered earlier this week, right here in California. A dairy cow that was raised in the Central Valley died for no apparent reason, so a lot of tests were performed. Mad cow disease came back as the cause of death, even though the animal didn’t display any symptoms before its death. 

Cow photo from the KPBS article on mad cow disease in California

Cow photo from the KPBS article on mad cow disease in California

I first heard it on my KPBS news radio station (local station for National Public Radio) and then saw it in their Facebook news thread, where they used a photo of several healthy cows (see above). Here’s the link to the short article on this mad cow disease case discovery, where you can also listen to an audio interview with a few experts on this discovery.

Apparently, eating dairy products will not give you mad cow disease, even if the cow was sick. Wow, do I feel safe now, or what?

One interesting fact you may learn during the discussion is that California is #1 in dairy product sales in the whole 50 states of America. Take that, Wisconsin! Oh wait, now we may have to worry about cows dropping dead. Darn.