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WordPress weekly photo challenge: My 2012 in pictures of cows

I love the WordPress new photo gallery feature and this is a great way to display a lot of photos in one post. I also love the opportunity to review a year of cows by showcasing the best of the year. If you missed my Top 10 Best Cows of 2011, make sure you take a look.

This year, there was no runaway cow (at least that I know of) and no ugly cow sofa, but still plenty of memorable cows for 2012. They include my very own cow slippers, as well as a whole shelf of cow slippers I almost bought, skiing cows, cow artwork, the Skinny Cow, the American Flag cow, the cow from the Puss in Boots movie, the udder rings, the birthday balloon cow, the grossest birthday card cow, the cow flashlight, the bug-eyed cow, the hot air balloon cow and the lawn mowing / bulimic cow. Enjoy!


Sharing cows on Facebook

You’ve got to love Facebook and its Like and Share features. My friend Jim tagged me late last night as he was sharing a photo. This is what I got to see this morning when I looked at my Facebook newsfeed. My very first cow of the day.

Cow on Facebook

Cow on Facebook

So there you have it, people sharing photos of cows on Facebook for absolutely no reason.

Happy cows! Happy Friday!

Today’s cow got… udder rings?

I can credit today’s cow sighting to my sister-in-law, who posted the cartoon below on my Facebook wall last week. All I could say when I saw it was… Well, not much, because my jaw dropped and my mouth couldn’t make out any words for a while. I think I eventually managed to let out a wow, and then a big hearty laugh.

What do you think of this new cow trend – the udder rings?

Cow cartoon - udder rings

Cow cartoon – udder rings

This butter cow is heating things up, literally

I saw today’s cow in my Facebook newsfeed as part of an NPR (National Public Radio) article on the Pennsylvania Farm Show that took place a few days ago. There was a butter sculpture on display at the event. This is the cow photo used in the NPR article:

Pennsylvania farm show - butter cow sculpture

Pennsylvania farm show - butter cow sculpture

 After performing a quick online search, I was able to find a photo of the whole 1000-pound sculpture. Quite an impressive feat knowing this is all made out of butter.

Pennsylvania farm show - butter sculpture with cow

Pennsylvania farm show - butter sculpture with cow

 The big question was what to do with the sculpture after the event. A farmer offered not to let it go to waste and throw it into his manure pit. There it will decompose, being eaten by bacteria, and in the process it will heat up and produce methane gas. The gas will be used to generate a few days of electricity. How cool is that?

So I’ve learned something new today. I thought only the cow’s “natural emissions” produced methane gas, but even the butter the cow can be full of gas.

Today’s cow comes all the way from Vietnam

I usually see a number of cows every day, not just one. Sometimes I don’t see my first cow until later in the afternoon. Don’t ask me how this happens, but I think it may be one of the days when I walk around with my eyes half closed. Sometimes I see my first cow even before breakfast time.

That’s what happened this morning when I quickly checked my Facebook newsfeed on my phone at breakfast time. One of my cousins is vacationing in Vietnam and has been posting interesting photos of her trip and today, I saw this photo of a beautiful South Asian cow:

Cow in Vietnam field

Cow in Vietnam field

Pretty nice, huh? I love the shape of the horns!

Merci, Brigitte, for this beautiful cow photo from all the way around the world!