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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg rides a bull in Vietnam

If you’re wondering where Facebook billionnaire Mark Zuckerberg is spending his Christmas vacation, I have the answer for you: he’s in Vietnam. No, I’m not stalking the poor guy. It just happened to be a news item on Yahoo News today.

This may be a strategic trip, since Vietnam blocks its Vietnamese citizens from accessing Facebook (and I thought China was the only country this repressive in Asia). While there, Zuckerberg decided to do like the locals and rides a cow. Well, technically it’s a water buffalo:

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg riding a water buffalo in Vietnam

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg riding a water buffalo in Vietnam

 Now, did you see the horns on that cow? I’m sorry but there’s no way I’d stay even close to one of those and I definitely wouldn’t ride one, if case it decided to go bezerk. Would you?


If you don’t want to see cows every day, stay away from Facebook

Not that long ago I explained how I stumbled upon the photo of an apparent cow lover on Facebook. Facebook has the canny ability to let you see Friends of Friends photos and comments if your Friends of Friends have allowed such non-private settings.

Silly me, I should have learned my lesson that day. In this case, I’m clearly not a fast learner. A friend of mine commented on one of her friends’ photo today and for the life of me, I couldn’t see what was so interesting on the tiny thumbnail, so I clicked on the photo to view its larger size. This poor lady had a monkey on her back! Yes, I said monkey, not cow. I thought the photo was pretty funny and I was curious to click the side arrows to see what else was in her album. Warning: if you don’t want to run into cows, don’t click on photo albums from people who don’t know.

This lady’s obsession interest in cows is quite striking but I have to admit I really enjoyed her photos. I’m not really sure where she took all of them but from the captions, I’m guessing it was in Spain, so I’m taking you on a special Spanish tour today!

First stop, a Christmas cow. I’ve never seen one of these before but I think it looks very, very nice.

Christmas cow in Spain

Christmas cow in Spain

Second stop, a… wait, what the hell is that???

A mermaid cow or a cow mermaid?

A mermaid cow or a cow mermaid?

Alright, I’ve never seen anything like this either. Is it a cow mermaid, or a mermaid cow? What does it mean? Apparently this cow thinks it’s very sexy. I’m not sure what to think of it myself… Spanish art or Spanish humor?

Third stop, real cows, yeah! I’m guessing this lady must have rolled over in a clover field before posing for the photo. I can’t explain how else she was able to attract so many cows. Say cheese!

Cow lover in front of many dairy cows

Cow lover in front of many dairy cows

Now I’m willing to bet this lady believes 100% in the daily cow sighting theory. What do you think?

Facebook helps you meet cow lovers

I’ll admit it, I’m not a big Facebook fan. I reluctantly joined the club to create a Facebook page for this blog, and one for another website of mine. Somehow I ended up creating a personal profile and feeling obligated to make “friends” with people who’d be upset if I didn’t connect with them… I’m getting used to the whole system and it’s not so bad, but it clearly doesn’t have the networking power of LinkedIn.

Just like on LinkedIn, I like the ability to comment on my friends’ updates. What’s interesting about Facebook is that it feels compelled to notify you of every single comment posted after yours, even though those comments may be from complete strangers to you.

That’s how I encountered my daily cow. Last night I wrote a comment on a web link my friend Sally posted, and by this morning a number of Sally’s friends had added their own comments. I don’t know why but I always feel I should read them, just in case I miss something. As I did, I was intrigued by the profile picture of one of Sally’s friends. To protect her identity I won’t share her name and I blurred out her face, but here’s her profile picture:

Facebook Friends of Friends Cow Lover

Facebook Friends of Friends Cow Lover

As the networking saying goes, “it’s not just who you know, but who they know”. Well, thanks to Facebook’s Friends of Friends feature, I clearly found someone who’s more crazy about cows that I am! Crazy enough to display a lifesize fake cow on her profile photo… Kudos to her!

If you’re a Facebook Farmville fan, you see cows every day

If you’re a Facebook Farmville fan, you knew this day would come. I’ve seen the Farmville gift cards in a number of stores in the past, and I managed to snatch a picture of one today:

Facebook Farmville gift card with cows

Facebook Farmville gift card with cows

$20 for Farmville??? I wonder how many cows you can buy with that…

Full disclaimer: I’m not endorsing Farmville or Facebook in any way. I don’t even have a personal Facebook profile and I can’t even imagine playing Farmville myself, although I understand it can become quite addictive.

My best friend says she wastes spends 30 minutes a day playing Farmville. My guess is that she actually plays it closer to 60 minutes, but time flies when you’re having fun. Now that Facebook claims they have over 1 million Farmville fans (wow, that’s a lot of people wasting spending time fake-farming online), I wonder how many cows are part of all of those individual farms. Wow, that would be some useless amazing statistics to have…

To all Farmville fans out there, I dedicate this post to you!

“Every day I see a cow” is on Facebook!

"Every day I see a cow" on Facebook“Every day I see a cow” is now on Facebook, so you can post your own daily cow sightings and share this theory with everyone in your network. The more, the merrier!

Every day I see a cow on Facebook