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Looks like this cow is about to blow up

My car was running on empty yesterday so I finally decided it’d be a good idea to get gas. I usually don’t wait for my car to ding me every single time I start it to refuel, but when gas prices only go up and not down, I dread my visit at the pump.

Fortunately I decided to stray from my usual gas station, displaying a bold $4.39/gallon and instead stopped by a gas station down the same street where gas was “only” $4.19/gallon. I have no idea how gas prices can vary so widely from one gas company to another, but hey, my wallet is happy with the lower prices. Well, as happy as $4.19/gallon is going to make me.

While I was pumping at this gas station I’ve never visited before, I noticed a large banner on the store window. It’s obviously been there for a while and is pretty beat up but you can still see what it’s for. I love how gas stations like to remind me while I pump gallons of gas in my car that my boys can also gulp down gallons of milk.

Got milk? Cow selling milk on a gas station banner

Got milk? Cow selling milk on a gas station banner

Besides the disturbing price display (it almost looks like $33.69/gallon), I’m a little concerned about the cow and its “inflated” state. Are they trying to tell me the price of milk is ballooning, or did this cow eat too much fibrous grass and is now experiencing a bad case of bloating? Either way, it looks like it’s ready to pop. Time to drive away!


My last cow of the year: it’s not “Got Milk?” It’s “Got Books?”

Today is December 31, the last day of 2011. I can now announce officially I’ve seen at least one cow every single day this year. Therefore the daily cow theory is proven and true, with over 365 cow sightings out of 365 days. Wow cow!

I’ve decided to continue documenting my cow sightings in 2012, although I probably won’t do it every day. After all, I do have quite a lot of things on my to-do list I need to get working on. But I’ll make sure to share the good, the bad and the ugly. And the cutest, the freakiest, the biggest…

My last cow of the year 2011 came through UPS yesterday in a box my sister-in-law sent. When we opened it today, we saw it contained cool gifts for the kids and some for us too. Below is one of the best Christmas presents I’ve received this year, reminding me about two of my favorite things: reading books and blogging about cows. And since I read every day, I’m now guaranteed to see at least four cows every single day.

Cow bookmark - got books?

Cow bookmark - got books?

 Pretty nice gift, huh? Thanks, Steph!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to start my countdown to 2012 and celebrate a whole year of daily cows! Should I toast to the new year with a glass of milk?

Cavemen discover cow’s milk in the new Got Milk commercial

You probably know by now that we don’t have cable TV but instead watch our favorite TV shows for free online and on demand. This enables us avoid the constant bombarding of TV commercials and instead, we only put up with a few commercial breaks while we watch a 22 or 43-minute show.

Today I caught up with a couple of shows and that’s when I saw the new “Got Milk” commercial. At first I thought it was a commercial for GEICO, resurrecting their theme about cavemen discussing car insurance. But no, this time the cavemen are discussing the discovery of milk, made with love by this cute cow:

Cow in Got Milk commercial with cavemen

Cow in Got Milk commercial with cavemen

Here’s more of the cow and the cavemen at the end of the commercial:

Got Milk commercial with cavemen

Got Milk commercial with cavemen

The commercial is kind of funny, but I don’t think it’s that funny. Am I missing something? What do you think?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new Got Milk commercial but I’m not that impressed. I hope they hit the mark better next time.

You can watch the whole Got Milk commercial with cavemen on YouTube: