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A whole new take on barbecue and cows

It’s another month in the Henry’s flyer cow saga! The designing staff at Henry’s Marketplace finds new inspiration and they don’t fail to entertain me every month. If you missed the previous flyers, here are the links for you:

May 2011 flyer – honoring Mother’s Day
April 2011 flyer – celebrating Earth Day
March 2011 flyer – getting ready for St Patrick’s Day
January 2011 flyer – making new year’s health resolutions

This month, Mrs Cow and Mr Pig are getting ready to kick off the summer with a barbecue in their barnyard. What a brilliant idea!

Henry's Marketplace June 2011 flyer

Henry's Marketplace June 2011 flyer

I can see Mr Pig is being… a typical pig, pigging out on watermelon while the cow does all the work. By the way, I know corn is a popular item to throw on the grill, but seriously, we should stop feeding corn to our cows. Bovines were made to graze on grass and are healthiest that way. There, I said it.

I love the apron caption, “Don’t milk the cook!”, although I believe a more appropriate caption should have been “Don’t grill the cook!”. Unless you can come up with a better caption than that. Come on, you know I’m waiting…