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WordPress weekly photo challenge: My 2012 in pictures of cows

I love the WordPress new photo gallery feature and this is a great way to display a lot of photos in one post. I also love the opportunity to review a year of cows by showcasing the best of the year. If you missed my Top 10 Best Cows of 2011, make sure you take a look.

This year, there was no runaway cow (at least that I know of) and no ugly cow sofa, but still plenty of memorable cows for 2012. They include my very own cow slippers, as well as a whole shelf of cow slippers I almost bought, skiing cows, cow artwork, the Skinny Cow, the American Flag cow, the cow from the Puss in Boots movie, the udder rings, the birthday balloon cow, the grossest birthday card cow, the cow flashlight, the bug-eyed cow, the hot air balloon cow and the lawn mowing / bulimic cow. Enjoy!


Did you see the cow in the movie Puss in Boots?

My kids recently started watching the new Puss in Boots movie and they love it. In fact they ask to watch it at least once a week and don’t seem to get tired of it. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I recommend it. It’s full of humor, adventures, twists and surprises.

There’s a very funny scene (and very popular on YouTube) where Puss in Boots and Kitty Soft Paws meet in a cat bar and start a dance fight. Look who’s behind the bar… a cow! You probably wonder why a cow would be in a bar, but remember it’s a car bar. And what do cats drink? Milk, lots of milk. And take a look at the milk tap handles? Cow heads. Lovely.

The cow in the movie Puss in Boots

The cow in the movie Puss in Boots

Now you can go 1:45 minute in the video below and that’s when you’ll see the first appearance of the cow during the dance fight. You’ll see it again a few seconds later when two cats use its cow bell to add to the background music. Enjoy!