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Thank Real California Milk for this cow salt & pepper shaker set

If you like dairy and are interested in keeping up with dairy news (at least for California), getting ideas for new recipes and seeing interesting or funny cow pictures, the Real California Milk Facebook page is for you. Did you know July is Ice Cream Month? Better now than January, right? My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road (oh, Baskin Robbins…). What about you?

Look at the cute cow theme salt and pepper shaker the Real California Milk people recently featured on their Facebook page.

Salt and pepper shakers - cow and milk bottle

Salt and pepper shakers – cow and milk bottle

Pretty cute, huh? The only thing is, I think I’d get messed up betweenthe salt and pepper. I’m guessing the cow is the salt, but wouldn’t be funny if pepper actually came out of the cow’s nose? It would simply sneeze pepper all over your food. Love it!


Cows, mom jeans and birthday parties

New Real California Milk ads with cows

New Real California Milk ads with cows

The Real California Milk association is launching a series of new ads called “Make Us Part of Your Family” and I have to admit, most of them are pretty funny. I understand several of the ads will play during the upcoming 2012 Superbowl. I have seen the announcement from Real California Milk pop up in my Facebook news thread and I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites.

The first Real California Milk ad is called Mom Jeans and there are no words to describe it fairly, so I’ll just let you watch it.

There are many other new ads in this series and you can view all of them, along with their previous ad campaigns, on the Real California Milk YouTube site, but I’ll share one more. It’s called Birthday Party and it shows you that if you ever decide to make a cow part of your family, she’ll be fun but also won’t mind telling it like it is.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas #6: make your own Christmas card, with cows

I follow Real California Milk on Facebook and most of their wall posts involve recipes. But today I saw a different kind of post, one offering me to create my own Christmas card on the Real California website. Well, not just any Christmas card, but one with cows!

All you have to do is upload a photo, add a frame, add one cow, or actually add as many cows as you’d like, and voila, you’re done! I played around with this Christmas card tool and it’s a lot of fun, so I thought I’d share some Christmas cards I made with my family pictures. Well, at least my Modern Family from the famous TV show, that is!

Here’s a picture of the whole modern family, in good company with a cow wearing a Santa hat:

Christmas card with a cow from Real California Milk

Christmas card with a cow from Real California Milk

 And here’s another cow Christmas card with just a part of the Modern Family:

Real California Milk - make your own Christmas card with cows

Real California Milk - make your own Christmas card with cows

Go ahead, have fun making your own cow Christmas card on the Real California website and feel free to share!

Lunch is brought to you by Real California Milk

My five year old doesn’t eat. Well, he does eat, but most of the time just enough to make it to the next couple of hours. He definitely lacks the long-term perspective. This causes problems at school because, even though I provide plenty of food in his snack and lunch bags, he leaves a lot of it untouched. Not eating can lead him to grouchiness and unattentiveness and we don’t want him to go down that road if we can avoid it.

So I think my husband was trying to be helpful when he emailed me this lunch chart:

California chart by Real California Milk

California chart by Real California Milk

Look, it’s made by Real California Milk, the cow people! I actually think it’s a great idea and allows the kids to pick what they’d like for lunch. The only problem is, even when my kid chooses his food, it doesn’t guarantee he’ll eat it. So we’ve got some work to do…

Here’s a link to the Real California Milk lunch chart in PDF format if you’d like to use it with your own kids.

Meet the California cows

I’ve driven past this billboard twice in less than a week so I figure the least I could do is display it as today’s cow sighting. I get the hint when I see one.

Real California Milk billboard - Meet us. Meet our cows.

Real California Milk billboard - Meet us. Meet our cows.

I like this billboard. It wants to give a face to the product, not just a cow face, but a farmer face. And I see nothing wrong with that.

What I’ve always found more disturbing with the “Real California Milk” ad campaign is the use of the word “real”. Real, as in, authentic? Authentic from California, or authentic milk? Gosh, I hope I drink real milk every day. But I do understand the concept behind it. There are dairy cows in California, and since I live in the state, I should buy its milk. I’m all for it, buying local, rather than food products being shipped from across the country. I bought eggs at Target one day and realized they came all the way from Minnesota! Simply because Target is headquartered there, how silly.

Do you try to buy your fresh food from local sources? Or do you get whatever is available at the store you’re shopping at?