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Yvonne the cow: face your most serious runaway cow contender

If you’ve read this blog over the past few months, or like to listen to or read wacky news, you know about Yvonne the runaway cow. Poor Yvonne escaped her farm last spring and roamed the forests of Bavaria for several months, until one day she decided she’d had enough of the wild life and rejoined a herd of domesticated cows.

German Yvonne, meet your American contender: the unnamed runaway cow from Connecticut:

Runaway cow in Milford, CT

Runaway cow in Milford, CT

This cow escaped her farm near Milford, CT in July 2011 (wow, that’s three months on the run!) and since then, it’s been spotted many times around town but not caught. How a cow can survive this long among people and cars, and probably with no regular food supply, I’m not sure. But this one is running for its life!

You can read the full article about this runaway cow on the NBC Connecticut news website. I hope this story has a happy ending, eventually.

A funny fact about the news article… I’m not sure what you’ll see when you read it if the online ads rotate, but this is the ad I saw on the article page:

Guida's supercow ad

Guida's supercow ad

Some advertising rep at the news website must have had a lot of fun getting placement for this ad. Hey, Guida’s, I have the perfect ad spot for you, give me a call back.

Supercow, meet runaway cow. That’s what I call a bull’s eye!


Another runaway cow tries to escape the slaughterhouse!

A cow runs away on a bridge next to Providence, Rhode Island

A cow runs away on a bridge next to Providence, Rhode Island

I want to apologize for today’s post not displaying any cow images. I can’t get my computer to copy a still image from the video so you’ll have to click on the video link below to see it for yourself.

Earlier today another cow tried to escape the slaughterhouse by jumping off a truck trailer on a bridge next to Providence, Rhode Island. The poor cow enjoyed freedom for a little while and caused a traffic jam on the bridge while people were trying to get a hold of it. Unfortunately after it was captured its owner decided it was too “injured” to go on and requested the police to kill it. Ironic destiny for a cow on its way to the slaughterhouse.

Hmm, you look at the video and you tell me how injured this cow looks. It appears to have quite a lot of life left in it, I would say. I hate stories with a sad ending.

Read the full story and view a short video on this runaway cow on the NBC Providence website.

News update on Yvonne the runaway cow

Today’s cow is a repeat, in a couple of ways. One of my cow sightings appeared in the children’s book Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant.

Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant

Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant

We borrowed this book (and others in the Poppleton series) a few months ago from the library. The kids talked about Poppleton last week so I borrowed the book again and today we got to read it and notice the cows from the cow parade. How fun would it really be to watch?

Cow parade in Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant

Cow parade in Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant

I also wanted to give you an update on Yvonne the runaway cow, which I first mentioned a few weeks ago. Yvonne has now been on the loose for three months and is still enjoying unsupervised strolls in the Bavarian forest. Sending a cow whisperer did the authorities no good – does it make the animal whispering business look questionable? The bull didn’t get the job done either – apparently he is resistible, but don’t tell him or you may hurt his ego. As with everything else, patience seems to be the key. Or maybe offering Yvonne’s favorite treat as a bait. Just an idea, people…

Read the latest update on Yvonne the runaway cow here.

Another runaway cow, this time in Germany: run, Yvonne, run!

It’s another runaway cow, this time in Germany. And apparently she’s been running wild and free for several weeks, defeating any attempts to capture her so far.

Yvonne the runaway cow in Germany

Yvonne the runaway cow in Germany

Meet Yvonne. She escaped from her farm in Bavaria and she clearly shows no loyalty to her farmer as she found out the grass is greener on the other side. Yvonne has been in and out of the woods ever since. Literally. And that’s why she’s been so hard to capture – hiding in those woods. Unfortunately the few times she’s come out, she’s run into traffic (in front of a police car nonetheless!), which made the occurrence a safety hazard. So the police now has the right to shoot her if seen. Yep, we should shoot all jaywalkers, that would teach them…

Animal right organizations have been trying to help capture Yvonne to offer her a safe haven. They first used food, then a calf from her farm’s best cow friend, and now they’re trying to use a bull to attract her. Yeah, bring out the big bull guns!

I’m rooting for Yvonne to be caught safely and alive so she can retire to greener pastures. If you ever hear how this story ends, please let me know! Well, unless it has a bad ending. I don’t want to hear any bad endings.

Here are a few links to learn more about this story:

ABC News
Reuters News

Another runaway cow escapes the slaughterhouse

Name: Kayli
Color: White
Species: Bovine
Attitude: Likes to defy death

I found today’s featured cow in the news and she’s kind a fighter. Just like Molly B and the Australian cow who also happens to be the oldest cow in the world, Kayli is an escapee and survivor. Two weeks ago she escaped from imminent death in a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse. A number of organizations, including many animal rights advocates, requested Kayli to be set free and sent to an animal sanctuary.

Unfortunately some weird Pennsylvania law dictates that any cow entering a slaughterhouse must come out of it packaged, not walking on all fours. It looks like the people exercised their power and their petitions went all the way up to the governor of Pennsylvania to request her “pardon”.  And it worked!

Today, after two weeks of quarantine, Kayli was set free. Actually she was sent to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York, where she’ll live happily ever after. Check this out, she already found a boyfriend… You go, girl, not wasting any time!

Kayli the runaway cow at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Kayli the runaway cow at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Don’t you love a happy ending? Who said life is not just like in the movies?

Read the full article on Kayli’s story.