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Did you know Yahoo has its own purple cow?

Did you know Yahoo has its own purple cow? If you think I’m making this up, please read on. I have the photo to proove it.

The Yahoo purple cow

The Yahoo purple cow

I was catching up on my LinkedIn newsfeed this weekend when I saw one of my connections recommending an article regarding Yahoo. What intrigued me was not the title of the article but the photo what stood next to it. Wow, is this a purple cow? Yes, it is! But why is it connected with an article on Yahoo?

So I clicked on the link (you can read the full article on working at Yahoo here) and that’s when I saw the large image of Yahoo’s purple cow (see above). Apparently if you work or visit Yahoo, you’re able to pose right by it for a picture. Nice!

Why the purple cow? Obviously the Yahoo founders read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book and thought Yahoo should stand as the purple cow in the internet world.

I can only say one thing about this: Yamoo!