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Dairy cows get pampered

I just read a very interesting AP (Associated Press) article on Yahoo News about a number of dairy farms that are pampering their cows to improve their overall well-being, and in return increase their milk production.

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment - Photo courtesy of AP

Dairy cow getting chiropractic treatment – Photo courtesy of AP

Some dairy cows are getting a lot of pampering including massages, chiropractic treatments, and new water beds. The article even mentions the use of classical music but one of the interviewees dismisses that cows care about listening to music. I’ll have to disagree with this observation. Do you remember the post I wrote on cows enjoying jazz music? Here’s the video again. You can’t tell me cows don’t appreciate good music when they hear it!


Springtime means happy cows, very happy cows!

Having a Facebook page for Every Day I See A Cow has a few privileges. It helps me reach people through Facebook and interact with them. And once in a while, someone will post something about cows they want me to see.

Recently the group Not In My Cuppa, whose goal is to bring awareness about the well-being of dairy cows in the UK and improve their conditions, invited me to check out a link on my wall. The link went to the Cow Dance website, created by the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).

Dancing cows - Cow dance

Dancing cows - Cow dance

If you want to smile and laugh for a few minutes, I invite you to visit their website and watch a few videos of very happy cows being released in the fields after being locked up in the barn for the winter. Check them out jumping, kicking their back legs in the air, rolling in the grass… They couldn’t be happier. Here’s just one video of dancing cows to give you a taste.

Cows, mom jeans and birthday parties

New Real California Milk ads with cows

New Real California Milk ads with cows

The Real California Milk association is launching a series of new ads called “Make Us Part of Your Family” and I have to admit, most of them are pretty funny. I understand several of the ads will play during the upcoming 2012 Superbowl. I have seen the announcement from Real California Milk pop up in my Facebook news thread and I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites.

The first Real California Milk ad is called Mom Jeans and there are no words to describe it fairly, so I’ll just let you watch it.

There are many other new ads in this series and you can view all of them, along with their previous ad campaigns, on the Real California Milk YouTube site, but I’ll share one more. It’s called Birthday Party and it shows you that if you ever decide to make a cow part of your family, she’ll be fun but also won’t mind telling it like it is.

Will somebody please mooove this cow?

Today’s cow comes from my Facebook wall, where my friend Jim posted a link to a touching one-minute video of a cow rescue earlier today.

Trapped bull in water drain video - rescue

Trapped bull in water drain video - rescue

A young bull somehow got stuck in a large water drain in Santiago, Chile for two days until a rescue team figured out how to get him out. It looks like it took a lot of people and quite a lot of equipment to free the beast move the cow but our little adventurer came out of it safe and sound.

Well, he’s got quite a story to tell the other guys when he rejoins them. Guys, you’ll never believe what happened to me...

Here’s the full video of this bull rescue for your enjoyment (cow jokes with a British accent included). Thanks for sharing, Jim!

Using a remote control car to round up cows

I saw today’s cows in a video showcased on my Yahoo home page and went to find the YouTube video link for you, because I’m sure that after you see it, you’ll want to show your friends. It’s that good.

Meet the cows vs. the remote control car:

Remote control car rounds up the cows

Remote control car rounds up the cows

Somehow, whoever shot this video decided to test the cattle’s reaction to having a remote control car on their turf. Well, were they in for a surprise and you’ll be too! Enjoy the show and let me know what you think.