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Get ready for a little bovine humor

My most memorable cows (yes, cows, not cow) of the day appeared in another episode of Curious George tonight. Have you noticed we’re stuck in a Curious George trend? I’ll admit I don’t mind it so much. The episodes are actually well done for preschoolers and I like the real-life applications featuring real kids at the end of each episode.

Tonight’s Curious George’s episode featured a baby opossum and at least a dozen cows frantically running around the barn at night. I didn’t see how this mess started but the numerous moos are what made me look at the screen. When I saw the multiple cows running across the screen, I thought I was suffering from vision problems. I’m better now that the episode is over, thanks.

Rather than showing you these crazy cows, let me share a little bovine humor today. I’ve been looking at funny cow images for inspiration to start a children’s book. While doing my research, I ran into some pretty fun cow cartoons and I hope you’ll appreciate them too. Enjoy the funny cow sighting overload!

My favorite cartoon has to be Star Wars. What about you?

Funny cow cartoon - milk movie
Funny cow cartoon - milk movie
Funny cow cartoon - Star Wars
Funny cow cartoon - Star Wars
Funny cow cartoon - cow philosophy
Funny cow cartoon - cow philosophy

10 thoughts on “Get ready for a little bovine humor

  1. HAHAHA! I think my fav. is the Star Wars one, too! :)
    I just remembered something interesting I have been meaning to tell you and keep forgetting….on my hubby and I’s anniversary, we played Trivial Pursuit 90’s and he asked me a question about Norma Lyon and what she made her statues out of…..because of YOUR blog, I guessed right, BUTTER! :) I would have never known otherwise. I told my hubby I knew the answer because of the blog I read about cows!

  2. Hi…Just found your funny cow blog today and was looking through some of the posts. I love cows!! My best friend when I was 5 years old was a sweet little calf. It was destined to be hamburgers, but fortunately I didn’t know that and we moved away before it happened. :(

    The Gary Larson cartoon reminded me of something of his that I read awhile back. It was very interesting and something I would never have thought of. Here’s the link ~

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and shared your cow story, even though it obviously didn’t have a happy ending, at least for the cow.
      I hear you about the copyright issues of any work and the “public domain” of the internet. I’ve recommended Gary Larson’s books on several of my posts, so I hope he makes a few bucks from my referrals…

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