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Sandra Boynton wants to know if you’re a cow

Sandra Boynton is a talented children’s book author and illustrator with a great sense of humor. Last year, I was very excited to see her come out with a big book solely dedicated to cows called Amazing Cows: Udder Absurdity for Children. And yes, the content is quite absurd and very funny. I’ve even featured some of it on this blog (just search for “amazing cows”).

I know she’s written books about many animals before, including a lot of barnyard animals, and of course cows. My kids are too big for her books now but I still enjoy reading them for myself. Hey, girls just want to have fun once in a while.

When I went to my local Target yesterday, I discovered they have a pretty good selection of Sandra Boynton books right now, with, drumroll, please … lots of cows. Check out the cow and pig dancing together on the cover of Barnyard Dance. And of course the classic Moo, Baa, La La La! There are pigs on the front cover, they’re just hidden.

Sandra Boynton Barnyard Dance and Moo, Baa...
Sandra Boynton Barnyard Dance and Moo, Baa…

And then I spotted this Sandra Boynton book called Are You A Cow? and I couldn’t remember seeing it before. That’s because it’s brand new! It just came out in May 2012, NOW!

Are you a cow? by Sandra Boynton

You’ve got to love the cover of the book because this cow looks quite puzzled when asked the question, are you a cow? Will someone please reassure her and tell her she’s a cow. And quite a cute one, I should add.

By the way, I was browsing the children’s books department to find some Star Wars books for early readers, which my five-year old recently requested. Well, I found NOTHING! But resourceful is my middle name and fortunately I ordered some last week from the library, just in case my store search would be in vain. Lucky us, we already got a few to read. I can’t believe the kid is so much into Star Wars already when he hasn’t seen any of the movies yet!

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